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This article brings to the forefront what has been discussed here in various different threads regarding the differences inherent in any SUV vs a car. I thought some of you might appreciate the summary.

There is also a full article on Ford buying up a driving school to educate SUV drivers (I believe you need a subscription0

Here's the Very Important Summary:

Do's and Don't's of Big Vehicles

Automakers,insurers and industry experts are concerned that many drivers do not know that sport utility vehicles cannot be driven like cars because they are heavier and have high centers of gravity. here are some points they raise.

1. Drivers should avoid sudden turns when a tire fails or when one or more wheels are on a soft shoulder.Either can cause a rollover.

2. Four wheel drive provides power from the engine to all four wheels but does not help the brakes. Drivers should not drive fast on a wet, slippery, or icy road because the S.U.V. cannot stop as fast as a car.
3.Drivers should not tailgate or drive faster than surrounding traffic because S.U.V.'s tend to have longer stoppind distances than cars.

4.S.U.V.'s should be driven more slowly than cars when the wind is blowing across the road. Wind affects tall vehicles more.

5. They should not be overloaded. An S.U.V. becomes more
top-heavy and more likely to roll over with more people and more cargo inside. Use roof racks as little as possible.

6.Teenagers should not drive S.U.V.'s. Insurers say inexperienced drivers make abrupt maneuvers that can cause rollovers.

7.Tires must be chosen carefully.
Off-road tires have deep grooves to dig into mud. But grooves reduce the tires' surface area in contact with hard-topped roads.

sources: automakers(points 1-5; Insurance Information Institute (point6); University of Michigan (point 7)
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