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I just got this link from another friend that has an MDX also. I just bought a Black '01 MDX with Navi + Touring a few months back and love it.

Upgrades so far:

- Professionally tinted the side windows 30% for extra shading since I live in San Jose, CA.

- Drop-in K&N air filter, not sure if it made much difference but sounds nice.

- All season mats, cargo net and a wooden shift knob.

I am thinking about getting some 20" wheels for it.

Lowenhart Wheels with Michelin 275/40ZR-20s:

Has anyone heard of problems on the MDX with 20" wheels.


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Yes .. Hopkins is cool. I spoke to a very nice lady Arlene over there a few months back but she mentioned that the wait would be 8-10 months!

If you want something sooner, try some of the dealerships outside the Bay Area - Santa Rosa, Scaramento (approx 3 months wait there and no forced BS). Stevens Creek, Sunnyvale etc require 1-2K of forced accessories. Interestingly, a few months ago, Sunnyvale was only forcing the protection package (MSRP+~$500) with a 1-2 month wait, but now its more like MSRP+~2K accessories.

my montreal ..

As of last night, Sunnyvale Acura had an unclaimed GG ... (MSRP + $2K accessories). If you are not already committed you may want to give them a call.

Good Luck!

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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