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I just got this link from another friend that has an MDX also. I just bought a Black '01 MDX with Navi + Touring a few months back and love it.

Upgrades so far:

- Professionally tinted the side windows 30% for extra shading since I live in San Jose, CA.

- Drop-in K&N air filter, not sure if it made much difference but sounds nice.

- All season mats, cargo net and a wooden shift knob.

I am thinking about getting some 20" wheels for it.

Lowenhart Wheels with Michelin 275/40ZR-20s:

Has anyone heard of problems on the MDX with 20" wheels.


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Best Sales Person on the Planet.

What a small world. I live right up Quimby Road and it was probably me driving east on Capitol Expwy.

I see that same Mesa Beige driving around. I think it is a Filipino dude that owns it. I would goto Stevens Creek Acura and ask for Rob (in sales) and tell him that Brian referred you.

No BS and he is a genuinely nice guy and probably the reason why I bought the MDX instead of the X5 to be honest.

Let me know when you get yours and we'll have to get our little MDX enthusiast club going. lol.


Hi fellow San Josean. out for my first test drive Saturday. I am so close to plunking the money down!
Saw a new black one headed east on Capitol Expwy yesterday, was that you?

There is a Mesa Beige one I see almost weekly around Aborn Rd....
What dealer did you patronize?
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Stevens Creek.

The other sales guy that helped me out to was an Asian guy named Ricky that works closely with Rob. Rob really knows the MDX inside out so if you have any granular questions that a typical sales person can't answer it would be worth the visit to speak with Rob. Can't remember his last name but he is a tall surfer looking guy.

I went through Acura for the financing as they met what I got from the credit union without any problems.

They also get a nice selection of cars since they are in a remodel stages, Acura is trying to promote their dealership.

Window Tint.

I like the idea of the side windows being tinted, but living in Illinois, well it's illegal so it won't happen for me (don't need the headaches).

I got a very light tint just to block out some sunlight, I have a note from my dermatologist saying that I am hyper-sensitive to direct sunlight.

I haven't been pulled over yet though (fingers-crossed) probably because the MDX doesn't look like a young persons car.

I'll take pics and post them in a few weeks.

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