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Hi all, new here! I'm about to take delivery of Snow White, a 203k mile MDX with Technology Package and power lift gate.

This was the last vehicle my late mom ever purchased. My dad hung onto it for a few years as a spare vehicle. Rigorous, 100% maintenance.

In two weeks, I'm flying from my home in Wyoming to Texas and making the 1,700-mile trek back.

Pending modifications: Vanguard Grille Guard (I live in an area with high animal incursions), Curt hitch (just for mounts, not for towing), a Yakima Skybox 12 and kayak mounts.

She's currently a slicktop, I don't know if I should go OEM rails or Yakima all the way.

I have a few epic road trips planned this year and look forward to many more miles and smiles!
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