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Well I've had my MDX for about a week, I'm a ex Pat British guy living in a prairie town in Alberta Canada.
I bought this vehicle from a dealer who had just opened his business, and I was his first customer.
I had a Chevy HHR panel Van for 10 years, I got rear ended and I did a 360 degree spin, I was lucky no body was hurt.
Loved my HHR as it was a little on the more unusual side, and I only had 100,000km on the vehicle.
So my insurance paid me $5000, and I decided to support this new local business.
The business went over and beyond in making sure the MDX I purchased was spot on they replaced the suspension, and also the brake lines and abs module in the rear at no extra cost to me.
The MDX came with Steel Rims with winters, I replaced them with a set of used 18 inch gloss black aluminum rims and a set of all seasons for the summer months, and they look awesome Imho.
The vehicle also came with a Car Fax with no accidents, and record of all the oil changes and repairs and maintenance from new.
The business I bought the vehicle from also gave me a 6 month powertrain warranty, I found it hard to believe how they can guarantee a used vehicle with 240,000 kms but I guess with the vehicle being inspected as it was and with the repairs they made it possible.

I bought the applicable parts to install my android head unit, but returned the parts, as I've decided not to mess with the Bose setup.
But what I did install from my previous car, is my Amazon Alexa Auto.

Amazon Alexa Auto, is really something that brings this original audio system to life, it really is awesome, for news, podcasts, instant song or playlists on voice command, and can be had for as little as $25 from Facebook market place, or when on sale on Amazon.
Amazon Alexa Auto, is Awesome, I can't recommend it enough.
So the only thing that isn't working is the backup camera goes to a black screen when in reverse, so I have to take a look at that, and from what I've seen it looks like a easy fix.
Well here I am a Ex British 55 yo Punk Rock guitarist, driving a lovely fully loaded SUV that has a demur voice, that predates the first iPhone, is so it so far.
Heres some pictures.
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