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New Thule Snowboard Rack

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So I wanted a rack to carry snowboards/skis, but was displeased to find out that neither Yakima or Thule carry racks that will fit the factory rack.

Until I went into my local Sports Rack (, and apparently they have selling a new universal mounting racking system that Thule has been selling on a trial basis. So I got a brand new snowboard/ski rack (fits 4 boards or 6 skis), that attaches to the factory rack, all for about $120, including locks.

It was the first time the guys at the store had tried installing one on an MDX, so they installed half of it for free. :)

This new rack isn't on Thule's web page yet, but it has the same hardware as their "Univeral Snowboard Rack" which is (I think). Apparently Thule is coming out with an improved version in January (that I imagine they'll sell everywhere), it'll be called the "Big Mouth" or something.
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Thanks so much for the information. However, please list the brand and model number of the ski rack and the adapter which fits to the factory rack for $120. I too need a rack with six pairs of ski.

Thanks and cheers:) :cool:
Oh yeah, the part number.

It is the:

Thule #91725
Ski Carrier

It's a rare item, I think, so you may have to call around to see who carries it.
Do you need any special kit/adapter in order to install that ski carrier to the factory roof rack?
No, it fits directly to the factory rack.

It is the same carrier as their Flat Top Ski carrier:

BUT, it has the same mounting hardware as the Universal Snowboard Carrier:

Like I said, it's an item that they've just developed, so it doesn't appear to be on their web site right now. Make sure that you're getting item "91725", which has the universal mounting hardware, and not item "725", which is the traditional hardware.

The guys at the place where I got mine called Thule to make sure that it will fit the MDX, and Thule said that YES it fits, and that YES, they'll warranty it. The hard part is finding it. I'd call around. If you're in the Bay Area, I got mine at the San Carlos Sports Rack, although I got the last one (they had to take it off display), but they'll be getting more I think.
Thanks, DJgaijin, for the info. Actually, I like the the 726 which is the pull top carrier for 6 pairs, so I guess the new part number may be 91726. I will call the Sunnyvale Sports Rack to see if they have either available.
Thule clamps for factory rack

Today, I just baought from REI the Fat Mouth Clamp (part number FM-1), priced $29. The store has lots of them in Fremont, CA. It fits the factory rack perfectly. It is used to secure Thule ski rack (725, 726, etc.) to the factory rack (a perfect design fit). I also bought the 6 pair Thule Deluxe Pull Top ski carrier for $126 on sale. This is one which slides out to make mounting easier. The 725 is a the same but fixed one and is on sale for $79 this week all over CA I was told.

The store is not even aware of this clamp, only one experienced sales guy know about it. I came to the store and mentionned about the 91725 (which someone on this board told me - it is the 725 rack with the fat mouth clamp combined). This is a new Thule product which is not on their website, their customer service and dealer sales does not know about it either. So go to the store and ask for 91725 or specifically the Fat Mouth Clamp (FM-1) and their regular ski attachment. Their Snowboad Only Rack already have a similar clamp, so you won't need the Fat Mouth one.

If you want Thule ski attachment, go and get it while it is on sale now and have the real attachment for the X.
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I just installed the Thule ski rack 726 (6 pairs of skis or two snowboards) on the factory rack using the new Thule Fat Mouth Clamps FM-1. The bolts to attach the clamp to the rack provided in either the 726 or FM-1 do not fit and are too long. You will need to go to Kragen's (or atuto parts store) to buy a different bolt - Hex Cap Bolts Coarse Class 8.8 M6-1.0 X 12mm. It fits perfectly. I have the rack on my roof now. It is 6 inch taller from the factory rack. If you use the 725 then you will not need to buy the bolt, it is provided. FM-1 is the clamp for MDX even though Thule customer service does not know it. Any questions about the clamp, PM or email me.
I have a couple of questions regarding installing Thule 91725 on the MDX:

1. Some online merchants selling the Thule 91725 say that it fits factory rack bars of width less than 3.25". But my MDX's factory bars are 3.5". Did you have any problem fitting your 91725 on your MDX?

2. You mentioned in your post that the universal mount is the same as the one on the 575 snowboard carrier, which is really the same as the Fat Mouth FM-1. However, looking at some online instruction manual of 91725 (, the mount on 91725 seems to be much smaller and also a cheaper version of FM-1. Again, my concern is whether it'll fit on my MDX factory rack bars.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
This thread needs pics.
I installed Thule FM1 and 725, simple install and looks good, my only complain is the rack is not adjustable, my snowboard(161cm) sits awkward in a position where one binding is outside the middle instead of in between.
Take one for the TEAM

Alot of us whould like to see what the rack looks like ontop of the X?
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