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It doesn't seem to me like you've seen most of..........

roadrunner said:
Just returned from a road-trip to New Orleans. Because of the fact that much of the city is built over swamp and/or bad maintenance - some of the roads there make urban driving an off-road adventure. I especially mention Woodland Drive (Between Tullis and McArthur) as specially memorable. Tooling down Woodland at 30 mph was a lot bumpier than the Metberry Gulch off-road trail in Colorado - much to the delight of me and my grandson - and much to the distress of my wife and 85 year old mother.
I would like to nominate Woodland Drive as an official "Urban Off-Road Trail"
Any one out there have an even better candidate??

Meep Meep
............the Los Angeles area which just happens to be another so called "urban off-roaders" paradise. I just heard the other day on TV that Los Angeles has THE WORST condition roads in the Nation. True we do have 16-lane clogged freeways all over the place, but they've got to be some of the most poorly maintained roads I've ever seen in the so-called "developed world"!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

That's exactly what boggles my mind when I see so many people around here driving Porsche's, BMW sports cars etc with under 4 inches of ground clearance......and, yes, not to forget all those lowered :rolleyes: civics and accords driving around !!!! :D :D - But what really takes the cake is the number of Pick-up trucks that I see driving around that have been so lowered to the ground that their undercarriages are practically scraping the road!!!! :rolleyes:

...............this is one reason why I will NEVER buy a car again as long as I live.........and this also addresses the common question that the anti-SUV gang asks: "How many times do you really go off-roading to justify an SUV purchase??"
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