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Just replaced the Bose head unit in my 05 with a Kenwood DDX373BT. Replaced the speakers a while back, all Kickers. The speakers were paper cones and starting to go bad, so that was more pressing than the head unit. Took out the original sub altogether, and put in a box; lots of room back there, and it comes out if I want. The old sub was shot, and didn't add much bass anyway, in that narrow space.
I think Bose is overrated and overpriced, although the head unit sounded fine. But it was pre-satellite merger so it didn't get all the stations, plus the bluetooth was limited to phone calls and it lacked any inputs.
Most important, I wanted to add a backup camera. I'm careful backing up, but this is vehicle a beast and I worry about kids and dogs in a parking lot.
Tested it out on a long drive and it sounds great. Fairly intuitive controls, although my technologically superior son helped. Only thing left of the original system are the front tweeters, the crossovers and that strange little speaker in the back.
Anyone with similar experiences?
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