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MDXers- I need your help, please. I installed a non-OE re-built R&P on a 2004 MDX. Steering is still stiff.
I did make one error: with only myself and a full ps reservoir, I started the engine and immediately heard the ps pump running dry after 3 seconds. I immediately stopped the engine, added more fluid and was able to add fluid with the engine running without any more issues. The air has been bled with a side-to-side no engine running and figure eights. The fluid is Honda specific.

What is causing the stiff steering? Have I damaged the pump? I am able to see the fluid moving- perhaps the movement I see is not enough or the correct pressure. Would the non-OE part be limited using a Honda specific fluid? Would the new ps need another fluid? How may I test the pressure? Is all of the air out?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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