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I purchased my Acura Care online with Curry Acura and I live in NM. I never had to show my card or policy number for issues because it shows up when the dealership brings up my VIN.

This seems like a question for the Acura Care warranty folks to answer (about the 3rd party JM&A and if you are 100% in the system). It sounds like you are 100% with Acura Care; but, it is hard to tell how your dealership will deal with Acura Care issues since they seem to be in bed with the JM&A folks? Not sure why you need to sign anything related to JM&A warranty info on it if you declined it and you went with Acura Care?

Are the cards and policy number Acura Care or are they any JM&A information like name or second policy number? That might make a difference if you trade in the MDX and want a refund on the rest of the policy, what items are covered, warranty work at non Acura dealerships, or even if you need warranty work at another dealership.
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