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So here's my introduction post. We just picked up a 2010 PMM MDX Tech/Entertainment package on Friday. Great car and we are enjoying it so far. It will be the wife's daily driver so not going to go too crazy with it...probably just stick to a few OEM accessories, 19" summer wheels, LED bulbs and a few minor things here and there. We picked up the vehicle after having a second child and realizing we could use something that seats more people and can haul more stuff.

This is the 4th Acura we've owned as well as 2 other Honda's. She went from 98 Accord EX to 07 TL Navigation to the MDX. I went from a 98 Prelude Type-SH to an 06 RL Tech/ACC/CMBS to a 12 TL SH-AWD.

I'll probably start a build thread to keep track of the car's progress. I'm looking forward to chatting with all of you, learning new things and sharing any kind of knowledge I can provide.

Here's a picture of our newly acquired MDX:

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