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Fireblade6 said:
1) Lexus was the first one to come out with the idea that an SUV doesnt have to be TRUCK like..therefore taking a Camry frame and making it the RX300 which displays..then agility, comfort and SUV like features for light duty off road....NOT BAD. One majoy glaw it has is that it and some small minor feature sets.
Not to stray from the topic but I guess it depends how you define an SUV. I don't think Lexus was the first to adopt an AWD vehicle on a car platform (e.g. by this time, the RAV4 and CRV were already out. In fact, the RAV4 won car of the year in '96 or '97. Maybe you don't count the others since they are smaller but they used, I believe, a Corolla and Civic platform, respectively. OK, maybe Lexus does get credit since it's a division of Toyota and first brought a touch of luxury to the crossover category.
1 - 1 of 61 Posts
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