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Funny how automobile industry works. Once someone comes out with a brilliant creation...others have to follow suit.

1) Lexus was the first one to come out with the idea that an SUV doesnt have to be TRUCK like..therefore taking a Camry frame and making it the RX300 which displays..then agility, comfort and SUV like features for light duty off road....NOT BAD. One majoy glaw it has is that it and some small minor feature sets.

2) Acura seeing the slump of rebadged Izuzu SUV sales...they follow suit to what Lexus did. Hey if you cant beat them..join them.. So they went and taken a Honda Odyssey frame and make an ALL NEW SUV that will be roomier, comfortable, performance oriented and attractive vehicle to get the large piece of SUV pie. Excellent job!

3) Now that Lexus and Mercedes is seeing attrition because of the Acura MDX...Mercedes revamped the ML...Nice try but still..a little short...the ML is still a FUGLY vehicle. Lexus on the other hand...plagiarized the ML a bit...and build a brand new SUV with bigger engine bigger interior in hopes of capturing back the customer base that Lexus RX300 has enjoyed for years...Only time will tell...BUT KNOWING HONDA...
The "sleeping RED Dragon" that is what Honda is referred to in Motocycle world..will get awaken AGAIN..There is no telling what Acura/Honda will do to its MDX...Supercharged engine? V-10 from the Famous F-1 Honda engines that win so many races? Ruggeddized version of MDX? Who knows...

All I know is that...its about a race between each manufacturers in hopes of capturing each of our hearts who are into cars. That is why we have car shows, expos, car magazines, car T.V. like SPEEDVISION...God Bless America...Capitalism at its best...

Remember...a guy can have a beat up piece of sh*t and call it his baby because the beat up car to him touches his heart touches his senses..the same compelling reason(s) why each of us drive an MDX, an RX300. an ML or soon a Pilot or soon a GX470. Buy what makes you FEEL GOOD and not WHAT the mass say.
1 - 1 of 61 Posts
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