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New GG with a cruise control problem

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Greetings and salutations. This is my official first thread and I hope I'm doing this right. What a newbie, huh?

First of all, this site has been very helpful to answer much of my questions and in some ways, comforting that I'm not the only "enthusiast" (for lack of a better word) about my MDX.

Oct. 24, I picked up my base GG from Metro Acura out in Montclair, CA. I was in borderline agony over the two weeks that I had to wait but I guess compared to most of you... I had it easy.

Last night, I drove out to Westwood to pick up my Zaino and I realized that my cruise control kept automatically disengaging. After it disengaged, I couldn't turn it back on for about 5 minutes or so. (I'm hoping that the dealer didn't charge me extra for this feature.)

The second little problem I also noticed was a faint sound that followed after I pressed or released my brakes. I've read the thread on the "air noise" but this is a faint groaning noise that occurs whenever I press or release the brake even without the car moving. Can anyone tell me if this is normal or another added feature that I might have paid extra for?

Fortunately, when I took it in to the dealer today, they were able to reproduce both problems; however, the brake noise is something they aren't sure if it is normal or not. Your inputs would be appreciated about this.

Lastly, Tim, if you're reading this... I ordered the GG BSM from you the other day and I hope they come in soon... I know it won't guarantee that I'll be dingless but it will make the nightmares stop.

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Hi Dai,

Always nice when the dealer can reproduce your problems! Let us know how they fixed your cruise control - I had the dropout problem once on my Jeep, ended up replacing the switch arm assembly.

Not sure about the brake noise problem, I don't have it but recall some other posts on this, maybe do a search on brake noise or brake pedal.

Welcome aboard!

Congrats on the new ride. Can't say as I've heard the brake noise either. Definately let us know what they find/do. As Ghost said, reproducing the issue at the dealer is a huge factor in getting resolution.

Congrats on your new ride - post pics when you can:)

I haven't had the brake noise or cruise problems - but as ghost said - do a search to see if others have had it. Is yours an '01 or '02?
Update on Cruise Control Problem

Here is an update on my problem with the cruise control disengaging after a few miles...

My solution:
1.Take it to the dealer and pray that they can duplicate the problem.

Dealer solution:
1.Replace cruise control Controller.
2.Replace cruise control Actuator.

*It took about 2 weeks to fix because they couldn't determine what specific part was defective and each time, they had to wait for parts to come in.
I do not have the cruise problem, just being in two long trips only and worjked fine on both occasions. Will have the chance to use again on tomorrow long trip to LA.

I feel the "air pressure deflation" on the brake but never any noise. Some members reported hearing some noise, like air rushing out. Maybe I am not too sensitive with those low frequency noise :)
Update on the brake noise...
When the dealer was fixing the cruise control problem, they had another MDX and I was able to duplicate the short groaning noises from the brakes on that car too. It assured me enough that it must be something normal.
I have been told often that my hearing is very good; in fact, people tell me I'm too sensitive to noise since I'm so easily bothered by any repetitive sound. I have some dynamat left over from my speakers and I guess I'll use it on my brakes to ease my oversensitive "Batman ears".
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