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Hi all - Just joined this group, picked up a 2011 MDX Elite+ENT, black with umber interior, 75k Kilometers (46k Miles), dealer serviced. I just moved to Canada, so I needed to do the translation there. We originally were considering Tech or Elite, but the black Elite with umber sold us on first sight. Absolutely love the interior.

I did my research on the shocks beforehand, had Acura go over it before I purchased. Come to find out, yup, 2 front struts are beginning to leak, 2 rears are probably on their way. Seller took the quoted cost off of the price ($4k), so I went ahead and purchased. Other than that, everything is great. I haven't decided if I'll get the adjustable shocks replaced or just get the normal shocks. Will worry about that when they are definitely gone. For now, the ride still feels good, mechanic says they are still good for a bit longer.

Spent a lot of time on that negative, but aside from that, man what a great vehicle. It will primarily be my wife's, I drive a 2006 TL 6MT that I love. But really liking this vehicle, happy to be part of the club. I'm sure i'll be on here quite a bit, just as I am on Acurazine with the TL putting in android screens and what not.


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