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Discussion Starter · #1 · long Detroit guy...Family and friends all work for the Big 3...but couldn't pass up the deal. Just bought my Newley licensed driver a 2001 MDX...with 297,000 miles:grin:. I'm sure I will be on here asking questions. The car was owned by a very meticulous neighbor. He has records for everything that's ever been done to this car. He just took a 2,000 mile round trip in it before retiring it and replacing it with a 2016 version. The car drives great..some history on it:

206,000 trans replaced
209,000 timing belt replaced

The car was serviced religiously at the local Acura dealer. He just had it looked at for me and it will soon need a ball joint and 1 wheel could use brake pads. And they reccomended the 60,000 mile service?

This vehicle has spent its life in the garage when not in use..I couldn't pass it up for 2k and knowing it's been well maintained and cared for I feel with upkeep my daughter should be able to drive this car al least around town and to school for a few years.
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