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need quick help with order running boards from tim...

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help! I'm trying to place an order from Tim, but when it passed me over to the secured site, there was a security warning because of their uncognized or expired certificate... the page that you enter the credit card is at and Honda Acura World is not on the page. Also, there is a $2 handling fee. I have not heard of anyone mentioning a $2 fee before.

Is this Tim's site???

Thought I would ask here since I'm sure someone would know. Would like to complete the order tonight...

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Tim is also the moderator of clubrsx .... so no worries there. I guess, there is a transaction fee of $2.00, most of us paid it.
The above is true. ClubRSX is run by Chris Dye, a good friend of Tim's. Chris / ClubRSC have online credit card processing facilities. They tack on the $2.00. If you call Tim directly at 1-800-RAY-LAKS, he won't charge the extra $2. Either way is perfectly safe.

BTW, I ordered the running boards (and a couple of dozen other things) from Tim. He's got great service, super follow-through, and he's a fun guy to talk to. The running boards are an uncomplicated if somewhat slow install. (There's about 72 nut-bolt combinations to tighten...) There are good instructions on the site. Holler if you need help.


thanks, I'll go complete the order now!
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