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So I have replaced my 2004 Nav with Bose radio with one from 2006. I did not replace the Nav screen or CD player.

I added an AudioVox Bluetooth and Sirius XM tuner and all of that works great. Everything was just plug and play.

What I gained - XM Radio, Bluetooth phone/music.

What still works - AM/FM, 6 CD changer.

What I've lost - Sound output from the NAV system (all audio pauses but no NAV voice), ability to change the time on the radio.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to get the remaining items fixed? Can the clock on the 2006 radio be changed manually without getting the time from the NAV.

I wish Crutchfield would have had a new aftermarket Nav radio that would work. I installed a Jensen unit in a Toyota Solara and it is great.

Thanks for any help.
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