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Need help in buying and installing Side Moulding

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Hi, I need help on where to buy the side moulding for my Granite Green MDX(2001 model). Is it a good idea to do it myself or have
the dealer install it. Seems like dealer may charge lot of money to
install ($80/hr) apart from the price of the moulding.

Thank you.
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I got mine from They have color codes ones for MDX. I also have granite green and it's a perfect match in color. Although the cut wasn't as good as I thought, good color match and price (something like $107? painted) got me sold. Installation is relatively easy too. Instead of using tape, I used thin string to level it. Do a search on "bodyside moulding" and you should get some hits. There are some pictures in the gallery also (I took some before/after pictures but now I can't find the disk). There are also some available from Tim ( but I don't know too much about them. BTW, the mouldings really to work again door dings.
I, too have a Granite Green. I ordered side mouldings from Tim and currently (as of 11/26), he is awaiting them to come in any day now from Acura. The cost is exactly $100 including shipping. There are a few threads that deal with the difference in shape between the Sportswing and OEM mouldings.
If you get the sportswings, let me know and I'll send you the install templates after I install mine...
I got the Acura body side moulding from Tim. Not only it is Acura, it is cheaper from Tim and include the template for the very easy self installation. There are lots of threads on preparation and installation, and pictures too. Use the SEARCH function or go browse in the Gallery.
#1 Buy it from Tim.

#2 Install it yourself.

It's very easy to do. Get some alcohol (and a beer) and it will be done in a half hour.

Why the beer? Does it get the zaino off better than the alcohol?:D
Purely medicinal. Attaching 24" strips to your car with 3M tape can be very unnerving!
intrceptor said:
#1 Buy it from Tim.

#2 Install it yourself.

It's very easy to do. Get some alcohol (and a beer) and it will be done in a half hour.

I agree 100% with the above advice :) I bought mine from Tim & installed them myself in about 15 minutes without the beer. Probly could have done it in 10 min WITH the beer :D :D
Instal it yourself - it is super easy.

I purchased the first set from Tim and posted pics and step by step instructions in the Gallery section of this forum.

If you really feel nervous, buy them from Tim, stop by Long Island and I'll put them on for you. Should take less than 15 minutes.
Thank you so much


Thanks for the overwelming response for my question. I have decided to order from (Tim). I still have
to go through the installation procedure available in one of
the threads.

Thanks again.

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