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Need advise on buying MDX in SoCal,

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HI, all
I am living in Las Vegas... and the only MDX dealer there is ...suck. I am planning to get my MDX at Cerritos, CA in May.
How do I go about registration, license and sale tax?
Thanks in advance.

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Cerritos Acura - that's where I got my MDX from. Good dealer if you talk to the correct fleet manager. I don't know how the registration & licensing works out, but I do know that the sales tax is the rate of where you live not where you buy the car. I live in OC and Cerritos is in LA county and they taxed me at the OC rate (which was great since it was lower) so when you buy your car, it should be the Las Vegas rate.
Out of State

Suggest you contact one of the following:

(1) Nevada DMV
(2) Auto Club

Find out what YOU need to do to purchase a vehicle out of state. I believe that the burden will fall upon you, not the selling dealer. Surely, one thing you will need is some sort of Tempory Tags to enable you to drive the vehicle home!! I suspect that the dealer will only be knowledgable about CA registration, not Nevada
I also recommend that you contact the finance guy at Ceritos Acura. I'm sure they will tell you the process.
Buying from Las Vegas

Well the first thing is you have to tell Cerritos Acura that you are buying from Las Vegas.

When they do the sales contract and or finance...They will also do the paperwork to send YOUR registration to the Las Vegas Department of Vehicle and NOt the one in Sacramento.

The thing that you need to make sure is that here in California...we do not pay for property taxes for cars when we buy them. We only pay for registration and license plate for the car and the fees of course goes to specific areas of the the government like CHIPs, EPA, DMV, etc etc.

So if Vegas has a property tax on cars you may be paying for it upfront when you do the sales contract with a California dealer.

So make sure about the property tax thing because I know that in states like Kansas and Texas and such..these property taxes are for cars also.
Some good advice- start with YOUR DMV.

Also, if you are paying cash it will be easier- just pay the dealer, get a temp CA tag, drive home to NV and register and pay sales tax.

If you are financing, then the leinholder will (likely) demand that the dealer act as the agent in getting the vehicle registered properly and the taxes paid.

Once you nail down the requirements, have a discussion with the selling dealer. Try not to get screwed with a $295 documentation fee. $40 should be the max... (per Ard.. :) )

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