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Sharing my Navtool installation experience like I did on Acurazine

So I ordered my Navtool last Saturday online, asked for coupon code and was provided a 10% discount. Received it on Friday. Started installation on Sunday

Programmed the unit, opened up the car panels, took out radio, connected all the harnesses and then I got stuck twice

  • First block - radio pin, as we need to remove and connect the power harness it prompts for a pin when you put the ignition on, should have kept it handy before disconnecting so please dont forget this step, luckily I remembered i have the full manual kit, ran back in and found the card with radio pin phew
  • Second block - The radio switches on but the big dial controller is not working, I cant go past the first warning screen where we need to select 'Ok'. Turns out the two loose wires of red & black cables on the two harnesses need to be connected. This is not mentioned in the YouTube Video and got to know over the customer support chat.
So before I start with pictures, some details which the installation video doesn't tell and how did I route my cables
  • As mentioned above red and black wires need to be connected for it to work.
  • I had bought an HDMI and USB extension cable which can be put in the auxiliary/cigarette lighter socket (Amazon Amazon). I couldn't remove the center panel so routed it to the Glove Box and routed the USB cable back from center console bottom section(more on that below)
  • I bought Aux cableAmazon Canada Amazon Canada) routed it through the bottom section of the radio unit, its a black trim piece which I didn't add back. The pictures should help explain, its kind of an eyesore to see that cable out there all the time but its an acceptable compromise at this time.
  • Microphone - I tried mounting it on top but the cable is too thin to stay under the trim, so put it above steering wheel to the left side, works perfectly. Google assistant works flawlessly and so does Siri.
  • Calling function is a bit weird, you need to use speaker phone for it to work with Android Auto, have not tried calling with CarPlay.
  • The USB cable charges the phone while its connected.
Willl Share the pics in next post, let me know if anyone has any questions :)
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