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Navigation vs. Non-Navigation Screens, are they the Same?

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What's up everyone?.:)
I know this topic has been discussed before, but my search turned up inconclusive findings. I think Tim said it is the exact same part number, but a couple other techies say it is not. I'm interested for a couple of reasons. 1. possibly using the screen for something more useful than watching my gas mileage drop when I accelarate, such as videos and 2. i still have not given up on adding the Acura Nav. system down the road. So if you know or think you know please enlighten me:D Thanks.
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I don't have access to the part #s like Tim, but based on the service manual it sure seems to me that the screens are different. If you search for the other discussion threads re: this you'll see some posts w/pix.
No problem, gokings55. FYI here are a couple of the links I mentioned.

In addition, the service manual has pretty extensive information on testing the Nav display -- one of which includes color testing. There is no such information on the trip-only. Unfortunately, the manual provides absolutely no specs on the trip display (whereas for the Nav it has the # of pixels, etc etc).

donsev mentions in the first thread that he doesn't even think the non-nav is pixel-addressable. One easy way to see is to check if it even has pixels. Just get close and look -- you can see the actual pixels on an LCD display (like on a laptop). If there aren't any...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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