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Navigation vs. Non-Navigation Screens, are they the Same?

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What's up everyone?.:)
I know this topic has been discussed before, but my search turned up inconclusive findings. I think Tim said it is the exact same part number, but a couple other techies say it is not. I'm interested for a couple of reasons. 1. possibly using the screen for something more useful than watching my gas mileage drop when I accelarate, such as videos and 2. i still have not given up on adding the Acura Nav. system down the road. So if you know or think you know please enlighten me:D Thanks.
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This is the discrepancy I was reffering to,
grathke said:
I talked with Tim at Hondaacuraworld concerning installing the factory nav components in a non nav MDX. He did some checking on the display unit for the non anv and nav models.

He was informed from Honda America that the display units are the same. They come up with the same part numbers.

He also said the parts priced out at 2800.00. DVD unit, wiring harnesses, etc..


ardvarkus said:

I think Tim got it wrong.

Clearly, there are different buttons on the Nav display versus the non-nav.

The Nav has a touch screen

The Nav has a color display.

You definitely need a new display.

Last thing you want to do is purchase everything you think you need for $2800, then find out you need an $1600 display and a $300 GPS antenna....

Can anyone confirm either view? Thanks.
Thanks a lot Worm, you are definitely a wealth of information and are always very helpful. I realize the Navigation Equipped Screens have additional buttons to the sides of the screen, However I was wondering if the non-nav screen has the same display capabilities as the Nav screen, such as the ability to display color.
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