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Navigation vs. Non-Navigation Screens, are they the Same?

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What's up everyone?.:)
I know this topic has been discussed before, but my search turned up inconclusive findings. I think Tim said it is the exact same part number, but a couple other techies say it is not. I'm interested for a couple of reasons. 1. possibly using the screen for something more useful than watching my gas mileage drop when I accelarate, such as videos and 2. i still have not given up on adding the Acura Nav. system down the road. So if you know or think you know please enlighten me:D Thanks.
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I'm pretty sure they are different. There was a thread where this very issue was discussed, and someone with far more expertise than I was of the ipinion that only the navi screen is capable of displaying video. Even though I don't have navi, people always assume that's what the screen is for. The first thing everyone says when they ride in my 'X is "cool, you have navi", followed by me saying "nope, it's just a trip computer, navi is a $2k option" :(
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