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navigation in Boston

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Can anyone comment on the usefullness of the navigation system in the Boston and its suburbs, as far out as Worcester. I'm moving from Dallas to Boston and I wasn't going to get the Navigation for Dallas (easy to get around) but I may re-order for Boston. Thank you. Josh Harrison
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I can definitely vouch for that......

paul123 said:
I wouldn't pass the new dvd based system is excellent and when your looking for an address it is a great items. you don't even have to load different dvd's when crossing the state lines. You'll be sorry if you have to go with an aftermarket system down the road.
YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE SORRY IF YOU OPT OUT OF THE FACTORY NAV AND LATER HAVE TO GO IN FOR AN AFTERMARKET UNIT - These aftermarket units do not integrate as well resulting in reduced accuracy because the yaw sensors, speed sensors etc require a tremendous amount of precision and integration to work accurately - for example I'm told that if the Navi unit is mounted any more than + or - 5 degrees from the LONGITUDNAL AXIS (front to rear) of the vehicle, the yaw sensor will have some inaccuracy in it, AND 5 degrees is a very teeny-weeny figure - and this is evident in my aftermarket unit installed in my 4-Runner - I highly doubt the installers have any way of measuring this and I'm sure they just "VISUALIZE" and "ESTIMATE" which is not good enough. Besides this, there are many other similar little things which need to be proprerly executed during installation making it very difficult to determine if all odds and ends have been properly taken care of.

BOTTOM LINE - A FACTORY-EQUIPPED NAVIGATION SYSTEM is the only way to go because Navi systems are ultra-complicated devices requiring very high levels of precision and integration for them to work accurately, and ACCURACY being the key work here, because without this the very purpose of the Navigation system is defeated!

FYI the Alpine DVD system I purchased for my 4-Runner is nowhere near as good as the one in my 2000 Acura 3.2TL/Navi - and I can CONFIDENTLY say this because I've used BOTH EXTENSIVELY!!
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