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I have recently bought a 2004 MDX touring. I have a few questions, and sorry if they are asked all the time, I just couldn't find anything that truly helped.


1. the nav screen is completely not working, the previous owner said the whole system had to be replaced, but I just wanted to see if that was the actual problem or not. He said there is a unit under the front passengers seat that needs to be replaced. The screen turns on, you can tell it is lit up at night, but there is just no information on the screen. I don't care too much about the actual Nav function, but the AC controls I do care about. So the question is, are there any other known issues that would cause this other than the unit under the seat needing to be replaced?

2. I am looking to put in a "face plate" unit for the stereo. My question is, Can I just replace the current system or is it tied into the Nav system as well. I do not care at all about the RES, or the controls on the steering wheel working. But the volume knob on the stock radio is broken, so controlling the volume is a pain.

Thanks for any help!
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