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I'm having a strange electrical issue on my 2010 MDX Tech/Ent. The Voice & Call buttons on my steering wheel, the interface dial and all the buttons surrounding the interface dial quit working. The radio buttons work fine. The nav powers on and the radio works for about 20 seconds, then the sound stops and the screen goes black. Seconds later, the radio powers back on and the nav reloads. This is an endless loop.

Just wondering if anyone has dealt with this issue.

I opened the fuse box located under the hood (to the left of the battery) and I inspected the long fuse/relay which said Tech on the end. It appeared to be intact, but under magnification I noticed several hairline cracks. Perhaps these cracks are expanding as they heat up, starving the radio/nav of power and causing them to shut down. If so, does anyone know if it's possible to solder the weak point in the fuse?
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