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Nav add-on ?

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Hi all,
I am new here.
Does anyone know if Acura plan to sell Nav. system as an option or it is not possible to install it ?
I thought I wouldn't one because I don't travel a lot but now I want it (':(')
I know there a lot of aftermarket ones but I like the oem one better.
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yes yes.. I hope so too.. cause now I want the navi too.. sigh..
Navi upgrade

Hi guys,

from reading earlier posts, I know that upgrading the non-navi Mdx"s is cost prohibitive, since you have to modify the wiring harness, buy the navi pieces at inflated prices, etc.

The stock navi is actually made by alpine. The alpine website shows several different models, and lists prices.

Another thread post talked about a kenwood navi system, but I haven't learned any more about it.

Garmin also makes a navi system , the street pilot III which is portable (it rests on the dashboard). this is much cheaper than the OEM navigation system. Garmin's website has info on all of their models.

Hope this helps!
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hi guys

I'm actually putting a kenwood navigation on my wife's highlander. I chose kenwood to alpine because of the touch screen feature like my MDX-only better. It also scrolls the map by touching the screen. I just don't know how easy it is to use, but basing on the demo from kenwood website it's pretty much like the MDX even the voice. It also has a 3D view. THe thing I didn't like about the alpine is that you have to use a remote which is very easy to lose especially in the car. YOu also can't be fumbling for the remote while driving.
Hey Mocking-DX,

How much is the whole system ?
What type of LCD ?
How much the intallation ?

Please tell me how you like it ?
I am also interested to know what after market navi to add. My wife has Lexus ES300. After see my new X with Navi, she threaten to take over my X or buying a new one with navi. So, I am looking around for a good navi that I can add to her Lexus.:)
the monitor is kenwood LZ800. It's 8 " wide(wider than my MDX)cost me 740 + tax. The navigation cost me 1650 tax. I did a custom install for the screen myself. I removed the double din radio from the dash and placed the screen. Not an easy task for me. I had to relocate the radio to the center storage in between the front seats. Lots of of splicing.
The navigation is arriving in a few days. I'm going to install it also since the dealer had not intalled one before. I already located the speed sensor to connect to the navi. I will be tapping power from the fuse box, and put the navi computer under the passenger seat. And it will just plug to the monitor box.
The monitor also has 2 video inputs plus another for the navigation. I has one video output which can output a signal different from that showing on the LZ800.

I actually love driving my wife's highlander now. we've switched car until i finish installing everything.

If anybody interested on this kind of setup go to e-bay. They get auctioned only once in a while.

A better option for the sreen other than the LZ800 is the kenwood KVT 910 which plays cd/dvd. I replaces the stock head unit . It has a screen that retracts inside the dash when not in use.
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Do you have any pics??? Sounds like a great setup.

Please update when you are done with everything.
I was thinking about the same set.
How can I find the speed censor in the MDX ?
I am plannig to do it myself but would the Kenwood screen fit and fill in the trip computer that I am planning to move down ( like BrianL).
Navigation Add-On

Found this deal on ebay, if anyone is interested.
Navi system......

to retrofit your non-navi is costly, you are better off getting an aftermarket one. I do like the touch screen option from Kenwood and there has been fairly good reviews with the Kenwood system. Here are the summary of features on 2 newer models of DVD Based systems I read from a car audio mag.

Kenwood KNA-DV2100 (The first non-oem touchscreen feauture via an LCD screen)
- 8 inch LCD Screen with touch screen functions
- Split screen map show both map and guidance screen, touching the speaker icon at the bottm right, the last voice-guidance message is replayed.
- Data feed: By moving the cursor over a (POI) the nav system will identify it by name
- 2D or 3D map view modes, and can be angled up to 90 degrees in the 3D mode.
- Average speed setting: you can set average speeds for residential areas, main roads, and freeways to get a more accurate eta.
- Quick POI: User can program up to 6 POI categories--cool features not found from other systems include moving cursor on top of POI using your finger and the system will identify it by name, touching the info button on the map screen will bring up the POI name, address and phone number, this is way cool compared the the limited stock navi in the MDX!!!!

MSRP: KNA-DV2100 $2500.00

Pioneer AVIC-9DVD (DVD nav system paired with CUE up to the minute traffic information)
- The CUE System feeds the nav system traffic reports via an FM broadcast every 35 seconds, at the same time updating the maps with traffic icons and higlighting traffic trouble spots. User preference for detour can be picked and a list of alternoute routes is given. User picks the route w/ remote press ok and the nav recalculates new route.
- On destination selection the AVIC-9DV2100 is unique to calculating up to 6 different routes along with a list of mileage and other info under Route Condition.
- Route Profile: User is given a detailed listing of the streets and highways the user will be driving on as well as distance for each leg.
- Drive'rs view mode: 3 dimensional full graphic representation of turns, curves.
- Voice recognition: Certain aspects of the system can be controlled via certain voice commands.

MSRP AVIC-9DVD $ 2000.00 CUE Receiver (CUE-FM58) $ 350
includes 1 yr CUE service
subscription $ 60.00 per year
there after.

As a sidenote there are few more DVD based navi systems to be released this year which includes Panasonic and others .
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sorry ,I don't think the monitor will fit in the trip computer screen without modification. I guess you're gonna have to fabricate a trim piece to install the kenwood. You can probably fiberglass or you may enlarge the stock trim piece around the trip computer.

Finding the speed sensor was not that easy for me. The store I bought the navigation from gave me the wiring colors but it was not the corret wire when i disconnected that wire from the plug. I had to pull out the speedometer cover and had to pull one wire at a time until i found the one when the speedometer does not register the speed when i drive the car.

you can ask frostyra here on hte board and he can tell you the speed sensor wire. He has a wiring diagram for the MDX.

also you can buy a bracket from to mount the kenwood LZ800 screen. The monitor will mount like a cell phone. Only problem is that it's a magnet for a thief.

sorry i don't have pictures. But the double DIN hole was smaller than the LZ800 by about an inch. The hole actually covered the control buttons that i had to put pinholes on the trim piece covering the buttons so i can put pins to push the buttons. There were only 6 control buttons but it's not that complicated coz the display will show what you're controlling. i was gonna hack into the LZ800 and solder extension wires and connect them to momentry-on pusbuttons from radioshack. BUt it looked more complicated than I can imagine.

like i said, the kenwood kvt 910 is a lot easier to install than the Lz800 but it costs 1600 to 1800 in e bay. more if from a dealer. You can also play dvd and watch local tv shows with it.

The lz800 screen also will enable me to add a sony XA39II so i can splice the sound of the play station to the car stereo's amplifier. They said it's a leap from an FM modulator or cassette adapters.

I let you all know by the 5th of feb coz we're gonna be using it to go to atlanta.
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How do you wired your sound output ?
the kenwood lz 800 has a built in speaker. ThoughI had to remove the back cover and cut the speaker wire, lenghtened it and taped it inside the center vent so it faces the driver. The sound sunds louder like that.
It also has a headphone output that i also lenghtened so i can reposition it in the lower dash for now. In the future i wll connect the headphone out put to a sony xa39II so i can play the sound on the factory speakers.
for now my set up with the PS2 is nice coz the passenger can play games , listen to a cd or watch a dvd and hear the sound with a headphone or the built in speaker while the driver can listen to the factory radio.
Did you got those 2 items from Ebay.. ? are they brand new and unopened from the box? and are they manafacture warranty? Sorry i'm a virgin shopper on ebay.. love those items, really want to get those but places around LA. cost atleast $3000 for those 2 pieces...


I got the items from a dealer in Illinois. They have to order the navi from kenwood. Took abou 1 1/2 weeks to deliver.
I you're interested they have another navi stock coming in on monday. That was supposed to be mine but the dealer had to get one for me from another dealer coz i needed ASAP.
Let me know if you're interested so I can make arrangement.
Warranty of course is valid coz they're kenwood authorized.
I'm not sure about the price of the screen coz the screen i got was a display.

I will actually have circuit city install the navi unit for me. I would like to do it myslef but i'm very busy right now plus i don't have a garage heater. The only difficult part of the installation is finding the speed sensor.
By the way Pkt

I called kenwood regarding the warranty of any kenwood item was bought from e bay and they said they're not authorized dealer. Even if it's not opened or the registration card is still unused.
So you will have to claim the warranty from the person you bought it from.

I woould buy the kenwood LZ 800 in e bay since it has less moving parts(therefore more reliable) than the navigation unit--which not to mention also more expensive.
mocking dx
yes i would love to buy one... can you make an arrangement for me.. or provide me the phone number so that i can call them... thanks alot!!
be glad to.
just let me know if you're getting the screen too.
the navigation should be 1650 plus tax? and shipping.
I was actually planning on buying the other navi that's coming in and just auction it on e bay. But if you're that interested i'd get it for you.
I also saw that unit at for $1649. I don't know if they are an authorized dealer though.
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