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Mystery Leak - water in vehicle

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have had mdx for three months. have thud in front right when hit pot holes; and now have been seeing water accumulate in front passenger side floor, both the carpet and floor mat get soaking wet. have brought the car to service last month. they said they water tested car and found no leaks they also said they did not know what caused thud. now they have agreed to replace front struts but still no answer for wet floor. at first i thought i might have had window open a bit during car wash. but every heavy rain, floor is wet. any ideas as to cause? acura has not been much help
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Perhaps it has something to do with the spongey thingy in the mirror assembly that Whealy was talking about in thread
First you need to convince them there is a leak. (I assume you've convinced yourself.)

I had a vehicle which had a plugged drain in the blower motor housing. Water would blow into the exterior air intake and settle into the housing. It was supposed to drain out, but would just overflow into the passenger compartment. Heck, 2-3 inches sometimes! (It was a truck, so who cared?)

Haven't had the dash off the MDX yet :) but you might take a hose and direct it at the windshield/cowl area for 30 min to see if that duplicates your leak.

If so, there is the heater core and blower assembly in that area.

Perhaps something else is the condensate drain from the AC. Do you get puddles under the car when running the AC? If not, where is the condensate going? Don't know where you are, but this seems remote since you indicated exterior rain correlates with the puddling.

If it leaks, make sure the dealer does a TOTAL refurbish on the interior: carpet/padding/insulation CAN be damaged. (Remember, just because they have an Acura sign doesn't make them an expert...)

Good Luck

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water. water everywhere!


Just noticed the same thing today! Was cleaning up some of the muck that falls around the driver's side floor mat, and found the carpet underneath was soaked. Figured it was from snow/etc melting around the foot rest. Just to be sure, pulled the passenger side mat as well, and it too was soaked! Not a good situation.

I know what advarkus is talking about- my Alfa has that problem, but I would not expect a 3 month old vehicle to do that. Looks like a call to Acura tomorrow and the beginning of a run-around...

= Mikel
Water Leak Update

Hey all-

Brought the MDX in this morning to find out why the front carpets were soaked. After much disassembly, they traced it to a leak around the a-pillar and windshield. The question now is whether they will replace the carpets or not; won't be getting it back until tomorrow, so its wait and see 'til then. Taking it on faith that the problem has been fixed.

= Mikel
water woes...

well, called to confirm MDX was ready, and nope, turns out the water was not coming in from the a-pillar after all but rather from underneath the fender. Seems a sealer had not been properly applied during manufacturing. Anyway, service tech recommended I wait until tomorrow to give it time to fully dry (lots of rain here today), so have to wait another day...

If I were you, I'd be very skeptical. Do you get the idea these guys are shooting in the dark?

How are they "sealing" the leaks? Is it factory mastic applied to properly prepared substrates with full access, or are they squirting silicone seal up under whereever they can reach?

Tell them you want a meeting with the Acura District Manager to inspect the leak and review their proposed repairs.

Remember, just because there is an Acura sign out front doesn't mean they know what they are doing... :)

I'm probably wrong, but you DID spend $40k!

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Thanks for the advice. They had the fender off the car and the interior taken out, so I think they had a good view as to where the problem was.

Have not had a chance to test the efficacy of the repair yet (it has finally stopped raining and the really well flooded streets are closed off the the National Guard). We shall see...

= Mikel
Mine isn't leaking, but I do have the thud when going over bumps sometimes. Its a low ferquency thud which sounds like it is coming from the right front wheel or suspension.

I guess if it continues it might be a strut.

Ed have you researched the threads that deal with the THUD sound. There are several threads that discuss it. Not all thud sounds have the same source. Good luck.
water leaks under front mats

for those of you who have had water leaks under the front mats, My Acura dealer had a body shop take
look at it after they lifted up the carpet and undermatting. They found a gap in an area by the firewall by the front driver wheel well. They sealed it up and so far has been dry.
Water in car twice

THe first time was after heavy rain.
They tested my car and found nothing.

Less water the 2nd time after moderate rainfall
Dealer has had car for 5 days. They say it is a pillar
leak and was hard to find. Today the service guy stated that there may be another leak and did not make me seem confident.

I want a NEW car-seems like I have a lemon!
Any insight from anybody?
Hey they are ripping the dashboard apart.

Will my car be the same even if they replace carpeting?
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The leak is not on the pillar at the windshield (my dealer's first guess) but rather farther down the a-pillar behind the fender near the firewall (as David mentioned). My water leak problem has been effectively resolved (see earlier post). Have gone through car wash, heavy rains multiple times since, and the floor remains dry.

Don't know why it took them five days to figure it out, but you can be confident that Acura can fix the problem.

BTW, when did you take delivery? I'm wondering if this was an early production issue or not (my VIN is 57xx).

= mikel
David or Mikel

Excuse my ignorance, but where and which piece is the firewall? I don't have the wet carpet problem but just want to know where to look in case I want to check it out. Thanks.
Leaks fixed now looking for compensation

After a month long process of locating and fixing numerous leaks coming in from from underneath the fender I am looking to Acura for compensation. Seems the cause was a sealer that had not been properly applied during manufacturing. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with Acura customer service?

Originally the dealship offered to pick up the tab for my next major tune-up, this after the first two weeks in the shop. The dealer (Marin Acura) has been great.. loaning me an MDX for the entire month.

Any suggestions in dealing with Acura directly?
Acura CS is notoriously poor (for a 'luxury' car marque)

I don't think you'll get far.

What are you seeking to be compensated for? Sounds like they gave you an MDX to drive, so the usual hassle of having to use a TL for SUV work wasn't an issue.

Of course, there was likely many hours (10-12) of back and forth driving, calls, hassle. The dealer is trying to make good with a free major tune-up (I'd pick the priciest one from the manual) not just the 'next'. (What is a 'tune-up' these days??? Nobody every tunes anything, just replace parts.)

BTW, the problems with these kinds of issues (leaks/problems on new vehicles) is because there are 3 separate companies you are dealing with: Dealership, Acura Sales (CustService) and Manufacturer. They hardly speak, and when they do it is a constrained and tortous path communications must take. The manufacturer gets alot of info, but must filter it down (making risk/legal/financial calculations) before they can advise their network. That's why it took so long for the 'thud' to get addressed by coporate...

my 2cents,

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I am happy to report that I just returned from my local dealer where Acura picked up the cost of a tow package for all my troubles. When CS originally contacted me they asked what type of compensation I was looking for. They threw out a couple of options including service, trim package etc. I told them that considering the length of time without my car I was looking for a little more. I told them that the only options I was still interested in were the Tow Package and the CD changer. They seemed a little hesitiant, but I got a call back a couple of days later and was told that the parts were ordered and the dealer would call when the kit came in. Including the cooling kit I figure I saved about $1000.

Never know what to expect until you try.

I would say that Acura definitely stepped up to the plate.
Flashman - you're a model for us all! Good going! (and enjoy the tow package...) :D:D
Floor Board Full of Water

Recently took delivery on 04 MDX. After 400 miles the front floorboards were full of water. Dealer indicated problem was A/C condensation drain and sun roof drain. Vehicle is back in shop with front floor totally saturated with water...again. Anyone ever experienced similar problem. Haven't owned the vehicle long enough to develop an opinion, but the first two months aren't encouraging.

This does not sound good. You need to get this water problem resolved quickly. Otherwise, you may be in for some serious water damage and possible mold problem with your carpet. Good luck and keep us posted.:29:
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