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Folks, I just got my MDX VIN today and the expected to see my car before new year. Since I saw some complain on the forum that it is hard to get MDX in Bay Are, I though it may be useful to share my experience:
- In mid Oct, I started to order my MDX with multiple dealers. Some require deposit, some do not. The car I am getting is from the dealer that does not require deposit.
- One dealer that require deposit was able to give my VIN only one week earlier (last week). Since that dealer is 120miles away, I cancelled that order.
- I put down deposit with a dealer nearby, but the sales rep never call me. Then I used an internet contact for that dealership, the internet sale person was able to offer me a MDX within two weeks (no deposit needed). Since that is not the model/color I want, I rejected it. But that makes me wonder either that dealership set a side some cars for internet sales or, whenever there is a cancellation, they use that to get more sales.
- In mid Nov, I saw someone was able to get a MDX from Sunnyvale at MSRP w/o deposit. I call them and they took my order w/o deposit. I just talked to them last Sunday and they seem to be positive that I may get an 188 SI late this year, it is cancellation. I guess that I don't need it now.
- There are quite a few dealers asked for $2K over MSRP for options, I never talk to them again.
- One internet sales rep from a LA dealership offerred me a Silver 188 about three weeks back, no deposit needed. It was hard decision to let go. But since I already have a build date from dealer closer by, I turn it down. This does tell me that it is much easier to get MDX from LA, no deposit required.

In summary, it is not bad to get a car in Bay Area at MSRP price. Just check around and you do them all through email.


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Here are the dealers I have talked to:
MSRP or MSRP plus reasonable options:
- no deposit required:
Modesto, Metra Acura internet sales, Niello Acura, Solano Acura internet sales

- ask for deposit, will to take order without deposit:
Stevens Creek internet sales, Sunnyvale,

- ask for deposit:
Butts Motor, Prestige Acura, Stevens Creek, Hopkin

Dealers that ask to buy > $2K options
Concord, Los Gatos, Mike Harvey

Dealers that gave me pretty good, honest impressions (my recommended list):
Metra Acura, Niello, Solano, Sunnyvale, Prestige

Dealers that have cars to offer:
Metra, Niello, Prestige, Stevens Creek, Mike harvey, Los Gatos

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