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Hi Everyone,

New MDXer here. I leased a 2017 MDX SH-AWD w Technology package in January. Lunar Silver exterior and Ebony Exterior.

Overall, I am super pleased with my decision. I cross-shopped the XC90, X5, QX60, and RX. The XC90 and X5 were originally my top choices but the value ultimately wasn't there compared to the MDX. I felt the MDX simply did everything well and came in at a great price.

It's also worth noting that I came from a 2014 BMW 320i w Sport and Premium packages. So most of my opinions below will compare against my previous car/lease. In addition, I live in LA so my daily commute is quite harsh between the traffic and road conditions here.

Finally, I am 6’4” and 200 pounds, so I’m a pretty big guy who needs significant breathing room for my head, broad shoulders, and long legs. I also have two children, ages 5 and 7.

My lease terms were: $520 pre-tax / $568 post-CA tax a month. $0 down. $0 fees. Just $568 for first month payment at drive-off. 36 months. 10K miles a year (I average 8K a year). I thought it was a pretty good deal for a $51,300 MSRP vehicle.

On to my review after driving and owning the vehicle for a full month:

- The MDX's ride quality is simply amazing. It is butter smooth and absorbs most of the road imperfections.
- Handling is also terrific overall, particularly in the rain. I've been very impressed with the tight corning and lack of body roll.
-This thing is fast. Surprisingly fast. 6.2 second 0-60 time is impressive.
- The 2017 appearance updates are all significant YoY improvements in my opinion. I especially like the new pentagon grill and headlights.
- I also love the new 20" Technology package wheels. I prefer them over the Advance wheels and was the main reason I didn't go with Advance.
- The spaciousness and general comfort are outstanding; both major upgrades from my 3-Series. For a guy my size, I have plenty of head and leg room, even in the second row.
- AcuraWatch is spectacular. It just works. No interference or false alarms.
- Fuel economy has been surprisingly good for a vehicle this size and with this much power. I've been averaging 17 MPG which probably doesn't sound good at all to non-LA people, but my driving is mostly contained to big-city conditions and serious slowdowns. I was averaging 18 MPG combined on my little 320i for comparison and it was rated at 26/34.
- There are so many lovely amenities in the MDX compared to my 3-Series. E.g. All four exterior door handles are no-touch, automatic folding power side mirrors, new bezel-free rear-view mirror, etc.
-The ELS sound system is phenomenal. I listen to a lot of music, and I like it loud, and this system responds at all levels.
-Other little things are also appreciated, such as: electronic parking brake, factory tinted rear windows, LED headlights, Sport mode, hidden storage compartments, etc.
-My kids love everything about the MDX too. They were cramped in the back seat of my 3-Series.

-As others have mentioned, the center console interface is woefully outdated.
-No standard front or rear parking sensors, even with the Technology package.
-No standard surround view monitor, even with the Technology package.
-I’d prefer wider tires. 245’s aren’t bad (wider than QX60 and RX’s 235’s) but the MDX needs 265’s.
-No standard roof rails
-Sunroof is way too small
-Limited ambient lighting
-‘Wood’ door trim hits your elbow on the armrest. The wood should be move up above where your arm rests. Also the wood should be real open-pore (not just for Advance).
-I'd like a little more shoulder room (B-pillar), but since I'm a big guy, the MDX is sufficient. I don't have much shoulder room in any car out there.
-The left foot rest could be more recessed and is not entirely even/flat.
-No aluminum foot pedals
-The navigation “To Go” estimate is always too quick. I usually have to double it in reality.
-The top strip of the steering wheel cover is not leather. An annoying corner to cut.

Many of my “cons” are minor gripes. There are no major deal breakers or issues that drive me crazy. As mentioned, I am a happy new owner overall, and am excited to have this in my garage!

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Most of your issues seem like something that will most likely be addressed in the next redesign.

My wife has a 2015 GC Overland and I have a 2016 X5 M Sport. Currently shopping for an MDX to replace our Grand Cherokee since we need a third row. The MDX is definitely a great contender. I love that it's pretty fast and gets the best MPG in its class. Yeah, Acura cuts corners and some things are ho-hum but it's entry level luxury so it's always going to be a mixed bag. Unfortunately, Lexus pulls it off better but they don't have a three row and their design language is too questionable for my taste.

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I agree about the Lexus styling. Too weird, especially the "Predator" grill. Believe it or not, the RX350 "heated" steering wheel only heats the bottom 2/3 of the wheel!! My friend's 2015 Highlander Limited Platinum is the same way. Talk about cutting corners. Sheesh. Make sure you check out the head room in the MDX's 3rd row. The stylish slope of the rear window looks nice but cuts into headroom back there. I had heard that this was one of the reasons the RX350 did not get a 3rd row. If you compare back glass angle with MDX, they're similar.
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