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My new GG MDX

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Hey everybody!!! First I would like to say after following this site for many months, thank you for all of the wonderful information, pictures, etc. that you have provided. I am also happy to announce that I am now a member of this site and a proud owner of a new Granite Green MDX (base). After comparing to the Toyota Highlander (nice, solid SUV, but pretty boring) and the Volvo V70 (also nice, but small) my family and I decided to go with the MDX. Here in St. Louis, MO, we visited both Dave Mungenast Acura and Frank Leta Acura. Both told us that we would have to wait until Nov/Dec (although Mungenast's waiting list was so long, 270 orders to be exact, that we calculated a 10 month wait period!). My family and I weren't sure that we could wait the 5-6 month period at Leta and things were looking grim.
Well this is where my username comes into play. We were visiting the Volvo dealership seriously contemplating purchasing the V70 when we received a call from Ken at Frank Leta Acura. We had originally wanted a Silver w/ Touring, but Ken told us that a he had just gotten a cancellation on a Granite Green base and that if we wanted to come and look at to come over that night. So we left the Volvo dealership, went over to Frank Leta Acura and decided to take the GG base! So we got our MDX in exactly one week and three days from when we started looking. We've had it for a week now and couldn't be happier. Frank Leta was extremely pleasant to work with and service was top notch.
I know this is already long, but now I must throw in my 2 cents. This car is great! It's so much fun to drive. We really don't have very many complaints. I'm 6'2" and have plenty of room. I do miss the in-dash CD changer although it was a worthy sacrifice for getting the car in such a short period of time. As for the base vs. Bose debate, having test drove an MDX with the Bose, I don't notice much difference. I actually think there is more bass in the base stereo than in the Bose (which has hardly any at all)! But both are somewhat muddy sounding at high volumes. Wind noise is a little excessive, but not annoying yet. Also, the glove box door is not flush with the dash on the left side (it sticks out a little). Has anyone else noticed this? The dealer checked it out but said that it couldn't be fixed and that the other MDXs on the lot that she checked were this way also. Haven't had any problems yet. Keeping my fingers crossed. That's it from me. Have fun out there!
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Lucky, I'm glad to be the first to congratulate you - enjoy your new MDX! So it's not silver, they're all great cars (don't tell anyone I said this). Enjoy!!!:D:D:D

Congratulations LuckyMDXer--

Welcome to the forum LuckyMDXer and congratulations on your new GG MDX. I'm glad your happy with your MDX as well as I am. Glad everything went o.k. for you, but to bad you didn't get the 6 cd changer, it is great. I used to think just having a single cd was nice, but the 6 cd changer is real nice, but sometimes I guess you can't have it all.

About the glove box not being flush with the rest of the dash board, I haven't noticed. Sorry. Well anyway LuckyMDXer happy motoring :D and let us know what you think after you get to know the MDX better.

I also recently (2 weeks ago) picked up my base GG, after 4-month wait, however. It is a great vehicle. I just wanted to let you know that I also noticed the same problem with the glove box door fit on the left hand side.

As a side note, I got 25 mpg today driving between 70 and 75 mph on 70-mile trip on a hilly highway (no A/C was turned on). That was quite amazing for a vehicle of this size.

Enjoy your MDX.
Great name and a great beginning.
I got delivery of mine yesterday after a 5 month wait. You mus be enjoying this period just as I am. Happy MDXing.
Lucky: Welcome aboard and good color choice. You will not see many other cars in this color (except Honda Odi's). Just think of it as a darker shade of silver :).

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