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Hi! I've had my silver '03 MDX for almsot a month. I love her! Fully loaded, heated seats, dvd, navi, back up camera, sunroof, 3rd row seating! Practically perfect interior and exterior! I feel like I'm in love! Lol! I just go and sit in her.....oh I'm sorry her name is Lola! Lol!
Anyway, I'm in the Richmond/D.C. area. I have 3 kids who are in all the activities, cello, kick boxing, scouts, etc. (really needed the 3rd row)
Redskins fan from birth. Please don't hold that against me. Lol! I love to drive. I also like swimming, movies, cooking, wine, and working with autistic adults. I stumbled across this site while looking up info on Lola. So I got the Lifetime Membership (Hey guys, where are my decals and t-shirt? $40 guys....I was promised MDX merch. Lol.)
I have learned a lot so far. This is a very nice way to exchange info. I hope to learn all I can from this little community so I can keep Lola out of the dealership as much as possible. Thanks for your time, and see ya in the threads!
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