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I just got back from my trip to Joshua Tree. Like by trip to Blythe 2 weeks ago, the MDX Nav system only has a couple of streets in its database for Joshua Tree and Twenty Nine Palms, compared to Streets and Trips which had all the streets mapped out.

I also noted that the Nav screen went changed to the black background a couple of times. I never had this problem until I started using the Nav in areas where it had to use the breadcrumbs.

Also, when the Nav plotted my path, it always took me on one freeway instead of the one I wanted to use. When I try to delete the freeway, it would try to take me back to it in some round about way, instead of choosing the freeway I wanted to use (which runs parallel and meets up at the same place). For this trip, it actually plotted my path the way I wanted it, instead of its usual path. Im not sure what made it decide to switch freeways.

I still enjoy the Nav, but these quirks and lack of database can be anoying.

When I got back from my trip, I did get a surprised. My salesman who sold me the MDX brought by my house some granite green touch up paint I had requested last week when I had my first service (he lives a couple of miles from my house). They were out of stock at the time.
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