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My first snowstorm....

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Here in Boston, we've had some wild weather. Last Saturday it was 75 and sunny (even nice enough to play 18). Last night was a whole 'nother story. I took some really bad pictures with my HI8, but I thought I would post 'em anyway.


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Just one more bad picture

Maybe Santa can drop a digital camera in a few weeks??


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How did the MDX perform in the snow? Did it exceed your expectations? Thanks

Hey mdxpursuit:

Better than expected. I've owned a couple of SUV's in the past years and it was real nice not to have to "shift" into 4WD. The full time 4WD kicked in only when needed. I tried numerous times to get the rears spinning, but it would transfer the power to the front, as soon as it felt like the tires would spin. Perfect!

I will add, this is my first SUV that has "full time 4WD" so my expectations were very low.

Actually, it's FWD normally.

You aren't gonna spin the back wheels easily because your MDX is normally a front driver, not a rear driver. It sends power to the back wheels when slip is detected.

But, in order to "anticipate" slippage, it always starts out from a stop in AWD, but quickly changes to FWD if there is no slip. Normally the back wheels are just towed along until they are needed.

I have been thrilled with the snow capability. We had some very heavy snow storms here in Utah recently. I got rid of a Bravada to get this MDX. The Bravada was also AWD that was completely automatic, but it would not go up my steep driveway when there was a significant snowfall. The MDX repeatedly climbed without a slip. I am very happy with it for winter driving. I am shoveling a lot less snow this year!
That's good to this on stock tires w/o any traction devices like chains, studs, etc?
Sorry for the delay....

Hey Flee67:

Totally stock tires. No chains, studs, etc.

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