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my first application of zaino

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just applied the polish lock and gloss it's pretty cold i think i may have to wait 2 hours to dry. it's a wierd product not used to putting on a polish and then applying a second coat and waiting so long to remove was used to convention waxes where if you left them on it would be a nighmare to remove a unique product that seems to be great i will let you know the output when i polish off any ideas wheather i should put the leather conditioner on now without using the cleaner only 1 week old 2002 mdx tour w/nav any ideas also i should use the glass polish and wheel conditioner too i bought almost all their products due the raves on this web site everyone have a great holiday:p
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1st time polish

it's amazing worked great i only used the polish lok then the polish let it dry for 21/2 hours was cold up here about 50 degrees used the glass polish worked great didn't get a chance to do the interior with leather conditioner but will get to that tomorrow so i will be set for the quickly arriving winter want to be protected by the first snow. it works great better than liquid glass which i've used in the past and also a wax/gloss that i bought in the herrington catalog klasse products which i thought to be excellent in the past. this product surpasses both. the shine is excellent. i didn't get the clay bar maybe will order because noticed a few minor imperfections in paint which the clay bar would of probably removed. it came off with ease it the greatest wax product that i have ever used and i've used alot over the years would reccommend it to anyone is a car enthusiast. it great the tire conditioner was excellent like you mentioned. look forward to trying thr spray to use in between polish. amazing product:D :D :D :D
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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