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my first application of zaino

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just applied the polish lock and gloss it's pretty cold i think i may have to wait 2 hours to dry. it's a wierd product not used to putting on a polish and then applying a second coat and waiting so long to remove was used to convention waxes where if you left them on it would be a nighmare to remove a unique product that seems to be great i will let you know the output when i polish off any ideas wheather i should put the leather conditioner on now without using the cleaner only 1 week old 2002 mdx tour w/nav any ideas also i should use the glass polish and wheel conditioner too i bought almost all their products due the raves on this web site everyone have a great holiday:p
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octavian said:
... but the tire stuff is the best I used. Again, it is not greasy, easy to apply (I use a curved applicator available at Walmart).....and it LASTS. Don't expect a shine, but a satin look, the way tires should look.

What's this "curved applicator"? I assume it's in the car section at walmart. Thanks!
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