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my first application of zaino

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just applied the polish lock and gloss it's pretty cold i think i may have to wait 2 hours to dry. it's a wierd product not used to putting on a polish and then applying a second coat and waiting so long to remove was used to convention waxes where if you left them on it would be a nighmare to remove a unique product that seems to be great i will let you know the output when i polish off any ideas wheather i should put the leather conditioner on now without using the cleaner only 1 week old 2002 mdx tour w/nav any ideas also i should use the glass polish and wheel conditioner too i bought almost all their products due the raves on this web site everyone have a great holiday:p
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paul....welcome to the Z-Club....hey we are both doing the same thing....I just Z2 and Z6 and Z10 (leather) my MDX today.

Really, let the stuff dry. I presume you did a Z1 and Z2. Did you clay bar? Just curious. Yes, it takes awhile to dry, but it is very easy to remove. If it is not easy, then one of 2 things, you put on too much or you didn't wait long enuff.

You may be aware that Zaino has a new product out (ZFX) that reduces the wait time to practically zero! I have not tried it yet since I live in Texas and it is usually so warm in my garage that Z2 dries in 10 - 30 minutes. But I will buy some as part of Worm's group purchase deal.

OK to put the leather conditioner on as early and as often as you like. No harm. It is not greasy and absobs into the leather worry about the pores in your seats clogging with stuff. It takes on a semi-gloss initially, then blends in.

I haven't tried the glass polish, but the tire stuff is the best I used. Again, it is not greasy, easy to apply (I use a curved applicator available at Walmart).....and it LASTS. Don't expect a shine, but a satin look, the way tires should look.

Anyway, let me know how things turn out and how many coats you apply!

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Yes, I remember seeing the Klasse products in Herrington catalogs as well.....never did buy them although they do get very good reviews in many publications. The did a comparo and it did well, but not as well as Z.

I run Z on my MDX and P21S (a carnauba) on my Ody. Both are very good. Given a choice, tho, Z question.
The curved applicator is a small half-moon shaped sponge that you can use to apply stuff to tires.....the shape corresponds to the shape of the tire. I got mine at Walmart.
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