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My Car Arrived Today and I'm Furious!

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As some of you may know, I ordered my MDX on May 22nd from Sierra Acura of Alhambra, CA. I know that no one on the board recommends Sierra, but I decided to go with them because the salesman seemed straightforward. Now I know I should listen to this board. DON'T go to Sierra Acura. Check it out:

- First time I went in, the salesman told me NO FORCED Accessories. I was told everyone else in the area was forcing Accessories, but not them (Which I really didn't believe). I verified with him over, and over - no accessories - I had Tim in mind. ...

- Second time we went in, we made a deposit, but just before we did, he told us they required Mud Guards, Wheel Locks, and Protection Pacakge for a total of around 895. My wife and I were both a bit miffed about this, but we figured we could negotiate out of it. On our order, we specified no accessories. I even told him about Tim. However, we were a bit suspicious, so we looked around and put a deposit at another dealer just in case.

- Today, I stop by the dealer to get an update. He sits me down and tells me this sob story about the owner of the dealership wanting to give my car to his cousin and this arugument he has with his dealer about forced accessories. He then pretty much tells me that they require $1000 in accessories and that I misunderstood him. I noticed that he has written on the bottom of the form "Accessories to be selected at time of delivery." We asked for our deposit back.

What a terrible way to do business. I was optimistic that this dealership would be good, or at least this guy would be, but what terrible business practices. The worst part is that the dealer will be able to turn around and sell to another customer. They could care less about me, the customer.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to pick up the check and leaving a printout of this posting with the url. So post away those of you who have tried Sierra Acura, and I'll leave them with a piece of our mind. Also, let me know of any other sites out there - for TL's, etc. I'm dragging their name through the mud!
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That Stinks!

Hi FatBoyMDX,
That kind of treatment is inexcusable, and also just plain dumb. There probably was a time when dealers could get away with that kind of BS but I think that time has passed. As you realize, the Internet is a good way to spread the word and warn others off before they become victims. So raise some hell brother and we'll help you.
Also, do not overlook some of the more traditional methods of responding to unethical business practices. I think your experience fully justifies a full report to the Better Business Bureau locally. These reports have little immediate effects but cumulatively over time can undermine a shady operation. If your a local TV station or paper has a consumer affairs muckraker, you might try to get them interested.
Sorry you got the shaft, I hope you can give it right back.
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Sorry to hear about your ordeal. This is indeed one of the slimiest stories I've read on this board.

BBB, as Roadrunner suggested, is a good idea locally. However, make sure you let Acura know. The 800 number slipped my mind, I am sure someone else can help you here (or, check and go to "My acura, Acura Customer Service")

Other sites I heard about are and This kind of behabiour MUST be punished.
So sorry to hear about your experience. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. Keep on looking, there are many good dealerships out there. GOOD LUCK!!
Messed UP!

Dear Fatboy, Get your money and Run! I checked them out too and they are like 75% of SoCal dealers. I found that Acura 101 West will sell at sticker No Acces. I have been waiting 6 weeks not too long and I pick it up tomorrow. Also they asked me how much deposit I wanted to leave. I left them $500. Some dealers wanted as much as $1500. Try giving Sam a call. Best of luck. I will give you an update tomorrow.

Don't forget to hit other MDX boards such as at

Also, if you do find a local dealer (i.e., competitors of these tools) you are happy with, PROMOTE THEM by listing contact names and numbers as part of your get-out-the-word campaign.

Just curious, did you decide to go with them against the recommendations of the board because they promised you quick delivery? Based on my experience and the experience of most other MSRP MDX purchasers it seems like you should have had to wait longer (end-of-May to early-July) for an MSRP delivery. Regardless, stick it to them!

Good luck and Happy Trails!
Thanks for all the tips and support guys. I'm still fuming inside and am going to give them a piece of my mind when I stop by today.

Rodzir - I talked with Tim at 101 West a few weeks after I put my deposit down. I really liked the guy. Unfortunately, he was looking at an October time frame, and I've got a deposit at Cerritos for sometime this month. But if that falls through, I'll go postal, and then head straight to Acura 101 West. Curious to see how it goes.

ghm2112 - I found the board after I put the deposit down. They didn't necessarily promise quick delivery. . . I went with them because the said no forced accessories!!!

Very sorry to hear of your bad experience with Sierra Acura of Alhambra, CA. I too had a similar bad experience at Ron Tonkins Valencia Acura. However, I never put money down or invested any wait time. What happened to me was when I was first interested in the MDX. I telephoned the Sales/Fleet manager at Ron Tonkins Valencia Acura. He wanted me to come in and give him a $500.00 deposit. Then he said that the stores policy is that after you pay your deposit you must IN ADVANCE, decide exactly how your going to finance (lease or buy), fill out all credit applications, and then choose all the accessories you want on the vehicle. I said to him “why do I have to decide now, you don’t even have a car or a Vehicle Identification Number for me yet?” He said that it is just the owners policy that they know everything about the deal in advance.

Knowing how dealerships work, I said to him, “so basically the General Sales Manager/Owner gets all the deals together and “cherry picks” the ones with the most gross profit.” He smugly said, “why yes, a matter of fact, a lady was just in here yesterday and picked out practically every accessory in the book. She’s now taking delivery on hers next Monday.

I’m only repeating my bad experience with Ron Tonkins Valencia Acura because after four months I’m still fuming over the treatment I received. My only revenge is to NEVER go back, NEVER. Not even for warranty service. Just like when you get bad food in a restaurant I feel like my only revenge is to spread the word and to NEVER go back. Purchasing a new car should be fun!!! Not a who can screw who session. There should be a first come, first served list. Just like waiting in line at the movies. Not a who will pay the most money list! I even went so far as to make a sign with Valencia Acura and a big red circle with a slash through it and put it on my back window. Drove around Valencia for two months with it on. I really hope it negativity effected their business.

I purchased mine from Keyes Acura at with no forced accessories. However, I have heard good things about Acura 101.

I hope you find your way to a positive MDX purchase, soon! Good Luck!
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1BADMDX said:
I even went so far as to make a sign with Valencia Acura and a big red circle with a slash through it and put it on my back window. Drove around Valencia for two months with it on.
Good idea. Why ever take it down?
Keyes Acura

1BadMDX -
Yes, reading your post kept me away from Thompkins Acura. I had the same thought of posting a sign in my car.. In fact, I had an idea for a dot com from all of this - a site that captures people's feedback on customer service. Kinda like a consimer reports, but on service.

I actualy had a really bad experience with Keyes Acura too. I think the sequence of events was:

- Called them. I told him what I wanted, and he said I had to come in right away before they would give me information.

- Went in, talked to the "partner" of the guy I talked to on the phone. He took down what I wanted, color, etc, etc. He then asked me for it again.

- Got a call the next day from Henry, the guy I talked to first. He asked me again what I wanted. Told him, again. He said he would call back because he may have what I wanted.

- About a week later, he calls again and ASKS ME WHAT I"M LOOKING FOR! He says he may have what I need, he's got a car coming in and I should come in. I asked him if it was what I wanted (my color, etc), he said he didn't know. I asked him if he could find out what color it is, if its the model I wanted. He said he couldn't tell me unless I came in. I said "You can't tell me what color it is unless I come in? Why not? That's pretty dumb." He said he'd find out and call me back with more info.

- Calls back and tells me he doesn't know what the vehicle info is, and he'd call me back.

- Two weeks later he calls back and says he's still looking for my car. AND ASKS ME WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR!!! And asks me for the 10th time if I'm leasing or buying. Astonished, I said "We've had this conversation like 4 times!". He said "Well, last time we had your car you didn't come in". I said "What? Last time you called, you couldn't tell me what color the car is!" His REsponse: "Well, if I have your car next time, you've got to come in right away. Will you?" NOT

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Fatboy, I posted a reply in the CL forum in response to your post. U are right, those guys are assholes. Was the 1000 in accessories the wheel locks, mug guards and a trunk tray as well as a wehicle protection pos? Man thoe guys are assholes. Where are you gonan end up getting the MDX? Sorry, I didn't read thru this thread.

Yeah, Keyes was kinda flakey with me too. I just hung in there and didn’t appear too anxious. That’s the strategy you have to have. Don’t be too excited and appear to have other options open. It took Keyes three weeks to get me a VIN.

Your dot com idea about bad car dealers is great. Hey, how about The domain name is available. What do you think? Let’s get it going, take it public, sell it, and then retire. Oh yeah, should of done that two years ago. I’m always so late with these things.

Have fun!
Hella What -
No the $1000 was additional accessories ON TOP of the Mud Guards, Wheel Locks, and expensive Wax Job.

1BadMDX - I've been having problems with Customer Service in General - BMW, Macy's, Car Shops, etc. So I was thinking something like Just gotta figure out how to make money. Advertisements?

If you can't afford a couple of accessories, maybe you should buy an Isuzu instead. They have great deals of Troopers and Rodeos.
Why do you spend your time with a bunch of intelligent guys. You do not fit here. Your name and posts indicate this is no place for you. Hope you have read the reply to your other post too.
Phat MDX - I'm planning to spend lots of dough on the accessories, but not at MSRP when I can get them from Tim at 50% off and have some fun installing them myself. Sorry if you prefer to let the dealer steal your money.
You're not from Sierra Acura, are you?
By the way, its pretty ironic that Sierra is an Isuzu dealer too!

I called ACS today. Planning to log calls into BBB and local news programs.

I also went by today to pick up my deposit and drop out a print out off of my thread off this board, the TL board, and this board. It was great. I said "Who's the manager? Please make sure that my salesperson gets this and you may want to take a look at this yourself." I laughed as I saw the office huddled around the printout as I walked away. We'll see if they show up on the board soon. :)
I called Cerritos today and they gave me a delivery date of first week of August, as well as written confirmation that there are no required options other then mudguards and wheel locks.
You've got their attention now!

Keep up the pressure FatBoyMDX, you have certainly gotten their attention already judging by the pathetically lame efforts of "PhatMDX".
Meep Meep

Sorry to hear of your misfortune -- I thought I would throw my two cents in on Acura 101. I took delivery of MDX from them on 6/4 and have been treated very well. No forced accessories, no markups, and very little forced after sales (lojack, protection package, etc) during the financing session. We dealt with Sam Motamedi (fleet and internet sales) during our purchase. Good luck!

GG w/touring/nav/running boards/factory chrome wheels.
God Damn It!

A situation like this should not be allowed to happen. I can walk into a BMW dealership -- any BMW dealership -- and have the car I want built to order, with none of this crap.

I don't blame the car dealer, or the salesmen, because car salesmen will always be as slimy as they can be to make a buck. I expect these cheapass tactics. However, I **do** blame Acura itself for letting slimeballs like this do business with such finely engineered products as their stock in trade.

Don't forget to take the case to Acura directly!
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