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My Baby Came Early!!!

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My wait is finally over -- my salesman called us yesterday at 4 to say it just came off the truck -- I rounded up babysitters and headed to Chicago to pick it up at 5.

I'll be getting all my accessories from Tim -- I asked them how much for the BSMs -- $280 -- I about fell over! I said no thanks, I'll get them myself for $98 and they didn't believe me. So I told them to go to the site and check it out for themselves! What a bunch of boneheads!

I'd post a picture, but I have no idea how to do it!

Thanks to everyone on this board who have educated me about this car and been supportive during my wait.

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Congrats. I'm just curious (OK, jealous) since I'm around Chicago--who's your dealer and when did you order?

I'm waiting for a GG premium, and the allocations for premiums must be running slower than the touring models. Dealer (Pauly, Highland Park) said yesterday that there's only one GG premium ahead of me, but that February-March is still a likely delivery date.

Anyone else think premiums are at an allocation disadvantage? Roger?

- ablank
I went through Continental in Lisle and was first on their list for that model -- that was back in May!!!

A friend of mine just went to Woodfield Acura and they told her if she ordered in January, she'd have it end of February, so they might not have as big of a waiting list, you might call them just to see! She's ordering a premium Mahogany not a GG.

The wait was awful -- and I feel your pain having to wait until March.

You might want to check with other dealers nationwide. I ran into a couple in a SS a few months ago who didn't want to wait for one so they went on the internet and just started contacting dealers. They found one in Mississippi that had the car they wanted, paid MSRP, did everything by certified mail, the car was shipped up here free of charge and they picked it up at a truck stop. They were very happy with the whole process. If I wouldn't have wanted to wait for a 2002 I would have tried it!

Good luck and let me know what you find out!

Congratulations on your new arrival. It is quite a long wait but glad that you enjoy the new baby. GG is also one of my favorite color. Let's the accessorize party going... :)
enjoy your MDX thanson. I had mine at napleton acura in elmhurst. I had to drive 45 minutes from my place. I didn't have to order it though. I just had one salesman know i'm waiting for one and if any mdx arrive he'd call me. Took me two weeks before i got one. Should have been a week if he called me a day earlier coz he called me when the MDX arrive but i was boarding a plane going to Florida for a week's cruise. Now the question is --Where's the snow. It's already december.

I like Pauly acura. I bought my integra there. HOnest dealers. They just don't have that much allocations of MDX though. One of their salesmen even gave me a number for a dealer of a different state where the demand for MDX is lower. BUt I found one in elmhurst so i did not have to buy out of state. Why don't you try RICKS CASE ACURA in florida. Just find it in the web--it'll show up. They usually have deliveries every two weeks or so

Thanks. That's the impression I get too at Pauly--not much of a pipeline. But I'm in no real hurry (just getting antsy hearing about all the 2002 deliveries here) and wouldn't mind saving a new car one winter if it means driving the Volvo another three months. (Creak, creak.) Plus, there's the FREE CAR WASH at Pauly, too. Can't beat that with a stick. So the out-of-state route isn't that critical--yet.

Coincidentally, Thanson, my first shopping choice was Continental--but I just didn't want to go to a dealer quite so far away.

- ablank
Welcome to the club!:cool:
Thanks for all the congrats!!!

Today was somewhat sunny, so I almost saw a hint of green!!! (okay, I tried really hard to see it)

We ordered our accessories from Tim this morning -- going with the running boards, bsm, weathertech mats, and the the front air deflector. I wanted the rear air deflector, but I just can't emotionally deal with drilling holes and touching up the paint yet.

Ablank -- I can understand about wanting your dealer clost -- Continental is the closest for me and it's an hour and 45 minutes!!! The nice thing is with no Acura dealers here there are very few of us on the road in my area. Good luck on the wait!
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