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My 3-Month Ownership Report/Humor

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After owning the Red Rock Touring Navi for about 3 months, I am still very pleased with this car. 3500 miles later, I am listing the following things that ran through my mind from time to time since I have the 'X.

#1. I am just about getting used to the size. The MDX is BIG.. compared with a regular sedan. Heck.. I feel bigger too. "I am the mountain man... living in the city. "

#2. On a six lane street or highway, I learn to be on either side of the road, but not in the middle lane. Still feel "squeezed" in a tight traffic with such a big car. "Hey.. don't hurt my 'X"

#3. The MDX really accelerates nicely. I feel it is even better than my BMW 325i. I guess the four wheel drive just "locks" the ground on quick acceleration situation. I can pull out of traffic jam in a heart beat. People talking about more house power for the MDX are crazy, IMHO.

#4. I feel safer when heavy rain with lots of water on the street. On a regular car, I can definitely feel like the car "float" on street water. The MDX does not seem to be bothered in the same situation. The rain begins to remind me to buy a boat, however.

#5. I can't reach some of the stuff in the MDX any more. The inside of the MDX is like an auditorium. Getting the Kleenix box is a bit of hardwork. My right hand is not long enough. If I reach hard to the passenger floor, I may flip over. :) I need a fishing pole. I don't know how many times I see Kneenix box but I can't reach it.

#6. The front cup holder does not seem to hold those plastic bottles tightly. It seems to be designed for the big cup from Burger King.

#7. People who know cars *know* what you got there. The MDX blah blah... People who never know Acura has an SUV think MDX is a space ship or something. "Oh.. a truck.. or what is it?"

#8. I finally don't care about didn't buy BMW X5 anymore. Am I glad that I made the right decision.

#9. The MDX is my friend to home depot. I just have to park the car VERY FARRRRRR from those trucks! Oh.. People who want a beemer X5 should also buy trailor to carry stuff.

#10. Owning the MDX somehow makes me feel closer to the Honda Oddesey van drivers. That is really funny since I never care about van. But I think those Ody van moms still don't know me from Adam. Hey why are you so nice to me? (Hey I am your car's cousin!)

#11. Many people on this forum are rather picky. Yes.. I do begin to notice some "hair" on the car seat's holes! And that drive me MAD! Honda should give me a refund! :p

#12. Being able to change CDs with the in-dash six CD changer is a wonderful thing. I wonder how I was able to live with the magazine in the trunk! OkOk... my daughter wants that Britney Spears CD goes into the player now!

#13. The navigation is so nice I wish I could make every day drive an out of town trip. Sometimes I wonder how she looks like?

#14. Have not figured out how to use the top rack for anything. I do notice it is hard to reach that spot to wash it! :-(

#15. The back seats and 3rd seats all lay flat nicely. Why do they not have a bunk bed option?

#16. Other big Acura sedan begins to look very cool..

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I agree. This thing is BIG. i never thought so because by itself it doesnt seem that big, but I parked next to my colleague who has an X5 and the X5 seems puny. Before I though it was a gorgeous car, now it looks so plain. And to think i was going to purchase one. What a Joke!! For those debating between the bimmer and the MDX, go to, you will find all the dirt there.
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