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Hello all - buying a 2002 Granite Green MDX; wife has a 2001 Silver MDX. My question is: what are the "must have" accessories?

Floormats - wife's Weathertech mats work well in the front row, but don't fit very well in rows 2 and 3. Are the Acura mats better and do they have them for rows 2 and 3?

Shift Knob - I would like to dress up the interior a little. Are the shift knobs made of different materials? I see Tim has only one listed.

Cargo trays etc - wife has the tray; very useful - I'll probably get the same. Are any of the others useful?

Fender flares - do these look good once they are on? Just a matter of taste?

Moonroof visor - wife's moonroof makes so much noise I find it almost useless. Does this thing help?

Tailgate deflector - is this cosmetic or does it help keep crap off of the back window? Guessing you really should paint this?

Running boards - I'm leaning away from this one - I don't find the car to be high enough so that they are necessary.

Splash guards - do they help keep the body clean?

Wood dash kits - do any of them help make the dash look like "real" wood?

Thanks for your help!!


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Must Have -

Radar Detector - you know why.
Nose Guard - Keep the nose from getting pitted. I have the full mask.
Better Bulbs - I'm used to brighter bulbs. PIAA's held hostage by UPS.
Cargo Net - Keeps things from moving around.
Cargo Cover - Keeps things out of sight.
Running Boards - Mostly to make it easier for other people to get in/out, especially to the third row seats.
Wheel locks - Discourage wheel theft.
Body Side Molding - Prevents some dings.

Nice to Have -

Rear Mud Flaps - matches the fronts (why aren't these standard?).
Better speakers - The stereo is starting to annoy me.
Trailer Hitch - hang other stuff in back (I don't plan on towing anything).
Super Charger.

I generally don't buy accessories for cosmetic reasons.

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Cargo stuff are must haves: net & cover

Wheel locks are nice to have.

Rear flaps help balance the look, since they are on the front, but they do not really help keep the rear quarterpanel any cleaner than the front flaps do. I say go for the looks.

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Most of what you listed is a matter of taste. I got Manik Bars (running boards) because they allow my 82-year old great uncle to get into the car. I won on e-bay a protection package which included the rear cargo tray, rear mud flaps, and wheel locks. Paid $137 total for the lot... Planning on adding some sort of nose mask, although I don't like the "bra's", they've done more damage to cars I've owned then good.

I think the radio is good enough and won't touch it. (for now)

Supercharger... would be nice IF they made a kit SPECIFIC for the MDX. I assume that the one for the CL would work???
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