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mpg during my first 150 miles

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I just got my gc tour/navi mdx. I'm concerned about the mileage I have been getting. I've primarily been driving in-city but I'm getting just 13 mpg accrording to the trip computer. The dealer mentioned that the engine takes a while (~500 miles) before your performance improves. Is this true? Any personal experiences.

Also, do you know if you can set up the mdx to auto-lock all doors when you start driving?
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Granted we would all like to see the EPA estimates year round, but I believe those estimates are calculated at an optimum temperature of 68 degrees. From what I have seen from my Accord, my winter mileage 29-30 mpg is 20% less than my summer mileage 36-38 mpg. Taking that into account 14 city should be about the norm in the winter and if you are driving in snow it might even be less. If it's any conciliation, my Accord's mileage did not pick up till after the first full year.

Your all lucky though, I'm still waiting. My December build date go moved to 01/14/01.
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