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mpg during my first 150 miles

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I just got my gc tour/navi mdx. I'm concerned about the mileage I have been getting. I've primarily been driving in-city but I'm getting just 13 mpg accrording to the trip computer. The dealer mentioned that the engine takes a while (~500 miles) before your performance improves. Is this true? Any personal experiences.

Also, do you know if you can set up the mdx to auto-lock all doors when you start driving?
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I got 20.12 MPG (calculated) from my first tankful, mostly city driving. I avoid jackrabbit starts and try to coast into lights, though. Trip computer said 20.3, which I thought was pretty close. There seems to be "sweet spots" in speed to improve MPG - one is about 44 MPH. If I can stay at that speed for a long enough time, it will make up for a lot of time waiting at stoplights.
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