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mpg during my first 150 miles

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I just got my gc tour/navi mdx. I'm concerned about the mileage I have been getting. I've primarily been driving in-city but I'm getting just 13 mpg accrording to the trip computer. The dealer mentioned that the engine takes a while (~500 miles) before your performance improves. Is this true? Any personal experiences.

Also, do you know if you can set up the mdx to auto-lock all doors when you start driving?
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you guys getting the 14-15 in town must really be idling in a lot of heavy traffic or you are checking out the 240 ponies whenever the light turns green.

I have about 600 city/two lane highway miles on mine and am getting a tad over 20mpg according to the trip computer. I've only filled up once but will do it again tomorrow morning and calculate based upon the miles driven and the gallons to fill, but I expect the computer is reasonably accurate.
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