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mpg during my first 150 miles

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I just got my gc tour/navi mdx. I'm concerned about the mileage I have been getting. I've primarily been driving in-city but I'm getting just 13 mpg accrording to the trip computer. The dealer mentioned that the engine takes a while (~500 miles) before your performance improves. Is this true? Any personal experiences.

Also, do you know if you can set up the mdx to auto-lock all doors when you start driving?
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I had pretty lousy mileage during my first few fill-ups. I averaged 15-16 mpg according to thr trip computer and my calculations. I find the computer's calculation to be pretty good, especially for the range. It seems to be an accurate (albeit constantly changing) estimate of how many miles you have left until your tank runs dry.

I took a highway trip of ~800 miles round-trip recently, and got about 22-23 mpg on mostly highway driving.

I am doing mostly city driving now, and averaging 16-16.5 mpg. :(

Oh well, you can't' have it all, and I am very happy with the MDX.


P.S. No, you cannot set the MDX to auto-lock when you put the transmission in Drive, as in other cars. I, personally, am very happy this does not occur. As an EMT, I will tell you that you WANT your doors to be unlocked, in case of an accident. It makes access much easier-- many cars would not have to be cut open if the doors were unlocked. Now, I know some people feel locking the doors is a safety issue to prevent car-jacking, etc. Well, I think if you are going to get car-jacked, it will happen with or without your doors locked. The accessibility issue is more important in my opinion. (But I think this is a separate discussion).
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Sorry to report, but my already low mileage has gone down. I am now averaging 15.5 mpg, in 75% city, 25% hwy driving. With the ever-rising gas prices (about 12 cents per gallon this WEEK in GA!), this is an increasing concern. I hope this improves with age. I already have 2,000 miles on my MDX, and I try to drive conservatively, with no quick starts or stops.
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