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Most retarded signature

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This is all in jest so nobody take offence...well nobody take
too much offence, a little is just fine

but when I see peoples signatures with all their different vehicles and little toys, I can't help but laugh...

I could care less whether someone's third car is toyota or whether someone has a Garmin Gps with their plane....Oh look at me, I have tinted front windows and 28 inch tires....c'mon people....... who really cares when you ordered and then took delivery of your car....sheesh get a life.....

So lets have it, who has the most retarded signature?

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Well geez, I guess mine would now be the most retarded.....I guess I really need to get a life :rolleyes:
It doesn't sound like you will find a welcome here, Rich. If you read all the messages above the signature lines you will find we are not much for insulting each other, flaming and the like. This site was well established and appreciated by many before your two posts. I won't go into why it's useful or interesting to see what model and modifications others have made to their vehicles. Pass on by.

I think you miss the point. At the very least, options or aftermarket accessories may be listed so that if others are considering purchasing a similar item they have someone to ask. Information flowing from "older" members to "newer" members is one of the primary benefits of this site (e.g. several members have asked me about side molding or the GG color in general b/c they know I have that color and accessory). Further, we not only talk about the MDX but sometimes other topics as well. Occassionally, another member may have a common experience or ownership with a member and it helps to generate interest (e.g. I have discussed a few experiences with my RAV4 with at least a few members).
That's the beauty of the ol' USA. Nobody tells you what to read, listen or watch, including Internet sites. If you don't like it, hit the road Rich.
The reason it matters for when we ordered and took delivery of the car is important because it is so hard to get one. The idea of a forum is to help other MDX owners or to-be owners. If most people are waiting 3 months, I know I'll have to wait three months. That's the idea of a forum, the sharing of ideas and experiences with people having the same interest and going through similar experiences.
Right On!

Hey Tim, how do you like your Kirby G5? We've got a late model Miele White Star and it's louder than a chainsaw! It also looses some horsepower when the bag is more than half full. Sometimes I long for the days of my Mom's Electrolux...

What, no shoe brand/size? What were you thinking, man?:confused:
We have a 1963 Kirby we've used until last year - the thing was a real piece of art and built like a tank! The armature unit in the motor weighed about pound, compared with a couple ounces for the new models.

When we'd take it in for service the front office folks would try to bait us with a new one, we'd say

"We wouldn't have bought this one in the first place if we thought we'd have to buy a new one every 40 years" :D:D

They never did have a good comeback to that one!

And another thing - how come no one ever stays on topic in these threads?

(Hey, great sig Boston!) :D
I love my G5, actually.....worth every penny I paid for it. Very quiet, has that tech-drive self-propelled gizmo that makes it very easy to maneuver too. We've got a couple of Kirby vacs.....a Dual Sanitronic 80 in the basement, a 510 (from 1950) upstairs that we still use regularly. In fact, during the snowstorm I got bored and completely rebuilt 3 of them and listed them on eBay.....2 have sold so far, the third is still up there.

Hint: Mother's aluminum polish works WONDERS on Kirbys. It'll shine like a mirror.

Wow! I guess we did drift a bit off topic, didn't we?
Personally, I am glad there are people like Lester89, Richbrett1 and the like. I enjoy seeing the quick wit and sense of humor that my fellow forum members have.

Thanks for stirring the pot, Richbrett1!:D :D
While I think people can brag about whatever worldly possessions they want in their signature, I agree with richbrett1 that some of them are pretty silly. It's also kind of funny to see all the people attacking him saying he should be more open-minded--pot calling the kettle black, anyone?
richbrett1 said:
Oh look at me, I have tinted front windows and 28 inch tires....
Hey rechbrett1,
You think the sigs on this forum are retarded? These are pretty tame compared to the ones on the Acura-TL forum. Now those guys have some interesting sigs (and avatars).

Although, as many have said, don't read 'em. I find them worth a look from time-to-time.

hondacuraworld said:
Well geez, I guess mine would now be the most retarded.....I guess I really need to get a life :rolleyes:

I never would have thought to put all that stuff in a 59 Olds!! Where'd you mount the TV? Can we see some pics?:D :D
Take it from somebody who knows vacuum cleaners. Know what an Oreck XL is? It's a Regina Electrikbroom from the 70s with a roller brush head attached. Oreck bought out the patents from Regina many years ago. If you thinhk I'm kidding, take both apart and lay them side by side, you'll be amazed :eek:

Nothing against them, though :D
OK, we were baited by some troll and are now way off topic ...


Great looking TV. Did you refinish the TV cabinet? How'd you do it?

Whatever happened to the rear latch thing I ordered and the black screw? (I'm sure no one else would understand what I'm talking about).

Any recommendations for HEPA vacs?

Has anyone tried Zaino or car wax on wood to see if it would protect it?

As others have said before, I like reading the signatures to see what they've got so that I can research more things to buy.
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way off topic

While we are way off topic I thought I would post one of my favorite email sig lines.


What if the hokey pokey REALLY is what IT is all about?
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