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Morimoto fog lights

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After several searches, I was unable to find a thread about upgrading my 2005 MDX stock fog lights to Morimoto fog lights. Ideally, I am after HID fog lights with the yellow laminate covering the lens. Until my PayPal payment has been processed, I guess I am not allowed to post links or images. So, I will ask your understanding and patience to reference the Morimoto site, fog lights and the ACURA (ROUND): XB LED FOGS at $205.00.

I realize the stock light is not the same as the round ones referenced above. Any advice?

Can they be made to work simply by removing the stock bulb and drilling a larger hole to mount the Morimotos? Has anyone done so?
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As I stated, I am waiting for the admin to process my $15 membership so I may add links and images.

I want to know if anyone has replaced the stock fog light bulb with the Morimoto projector fog light I specified.
Because I cannot find a bezel to alter (like the pics below), I will remove the factory fog light light bulb followed by drilling out a hole big enough (66 mm) to mount the Morimoto projector lens. I will post pics when done.

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Oh, and thanks to the Admin for fixing my inability to post url links, images and set my avatar.
I purchased the BI-XENON: MORIMOTO MINI H1 STAGE III projectors with 50 watt ballasts in H1: XB 4500K bulbs. I though 4500K would produce a white color, but I was in error. Retrofit claims 5500K is closer to white. I did not know the extra watts (50 vs 35) makes the light output about 1000 lumens less (more yellow). So, if you want a specific lumens color range, be cautious the effect higher watt ballasts impart.

I will probably end up having to return the whole kit, pay an exchange fee and order the correct H1: 6500K bulbs (pic 2 below). Even was was the expedited shipping charge I paid for nothing. When you are in a hurry, mistakes increase.

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