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Morimoto fog lights

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After several searches, I was unable to find a thread about upgrading my 2005 MDX stock fog lights to Morimoto fog lights. Ideally, I am after HID fog lights with the yellow laminate covering the lens. Until my PayPal payment has been processed, I guess I am not allowed to post links or images. So, I will ask your understanding and patience to reference the Morimoto site, fog lights and the ACURA (ROUND): XB LED FOGS at $205.00.

I realize the stock light is not the same as the round ones referenced above. Any advice?

Can they be made to work simply by removing the stock bulb and drilling a larger hole to mount the Morimotos? Has anyone done so?
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I've thought about doing the same thing (installing projector fog/driving lights) but don't want to make it TOO much of a hack job. I think it would look "odd" to install these in the original housings, and having an extra (old, scratched) layer of plastic lens in front of the projectors isn't going to help anything, either.

My thought was to fabricate a flat black panel that replaces the original fog lights, that projectors could be bolted to. It's just waaaaay too far down on the to-do list for me to think it's ever going to happen. I've made do by installing brighter (halogen) low-beam bulbs, which made a big difference in the light output. I don't think much about the fog lights, because it's pretty much impossible to tell if they're on or not... ;-)
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