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Just had my X serviced on Mon. @ Montclair Acura and must admit they took care of me. At first I was surprised and dissappointed since I had made an appointment to have it serviced, get there @ 10am and it took them over and hour to get me out of there. But then my sales contact told me they were short staffed. I had a few issues (molding, windshield washer nozzles, a ding, a scratch that I placed on the X) that I had with my X and they stepped up and took care of everything.

They ordered me a new molding to replace the fading one, replaced my windshield washer nozzles, hooked me up with a bottle of touch-up paint, and created a service request to have the ding fixed. So once the molding arrives they will install it, repair the ding and perform all the TSB's on my X. Very pleased with their service...very professional, attentive, and knowledgable. My entire buying experience and first service with Montclair is averaging an A+....Another huge part of my entire X experience which also gets an A+ is ACURAMDX.ORG. This forum has been there every step of the way with tips, knowledge, information, assistance and making my purchase decision, the maintenance, and custom installations of my X a smooth journey.

Thank you Montclair and
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